Shopping in Finland

Duty Free Shopping in Finland

According to homosociety, the following articles can be imported into Finland duty-free when entering from non-EU countries: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 cigarillos (3 g each) or 250 g tobacco (people aged 18 and over); 1 l of spirits with an alcohol content of over 22% (people aged 20 and over) or 2 […]

Living in United Kingdom

Living in United Kingdom

NIGHTLIFE Introduction Home to famous theater greats like Olivier, Gielgud and of course Shakespeare, the UK has a wide variety of cultural entertainment options. Almost every major city has at least one theater, with London, Stratford and Edinburgh having become well-known centers of the performing arts. Every year in August, the Edinburgh Art Festival takes […]

All About Council of Europe

All About Council of Europe

Health care and bioethics Since 1954, the Council of Europe has had a Steering Committee for Health and Medical Affairs, which works to strengthen co-operation between countries, give everyone equal access to health care and strengthen the individual’s rights and influence in health and medical care issues. The Council of Europe’s largest efforts in health […]

Europe History

Europe History

The history of Europe is the history of the continent of Europe, the western extremity of the Eurasian landmass. When talking about the history of Europe, one must distinguish between the history of the concept of Europe and the history of the areas covered by the term. Europe as a purely geographical term derives from […]

Vatnajökull National Park on Iceland

The 10 largest national parks in Europe

Where are the 10 largest national parks in Europe located? The largest nature reserves on the European continent, which have arisen from natural influences and whose further development is to be protected from human interference and environmental pollution, are not necessarily to be found in the largest countries. Here you can find out which countries […]

British Isles Museum of Transport

Scotland Museums

Museum of Edinburgh This old building from 1570 is impressive even without the exhibition inside. Many of the exhibits date from Roman times, the “National Covenant” is also on display and you can take a look at the collar and bowl of the famous Greyfriar’s Bobby dog. Huntly House, 142-146 Canongate Edinburgh, EH8 Tel. 0044- […]


Transport and Travel from Wales

Flight connections Great Britain’s largest airline is British Airways, which offers long-haul flights in all directions. Virgin Airlines is the second largest airline that also offers numerous long haul flights. Other airlines are BMI and Easy-Jet. There are 471 airports of various sizes in the UK. The UK’s “flagship airport” is London Heathrow Airport, one […]

Kosovo's parliament 2

Kosovo Foreign Policy

For a long time, politics in Kosovo was dominated by one central question, namely that of the country’s independence. This applied equally to domestic and foreign policy. Other relevant questions took a back seat, at least in the public discourse. After the major goal was achieved with the declaration of independence in February 2008, an […]

Spain Top Sights

Travel to Spain

Spain is Sweden’s favorite destination. With more than 2 million trips per year, Spain is by far the most popular destination among Swedes. There are almost twice as many trips made to the neighboring countries Denmark, Finland and Norway. So what is it about Spain that attracts so much? The heat, the rich and multifaceted […]

Albania Life Expectancy 2021

Albania History

Prehistory According to European conditions, the prehistory of Albania is still (1996) incompletely known. The oldest finds are from the Middle Paleolithic (about 300,000-40,000 years ago), but the lack of older finds is probably apparent. A large part of the investigated settlements dates back to the entrance of the Neolithic (c. 7000 BC) cave dwellings. […]

Austria Life Expectancy 2021

Austria History

Austria’s history is characterized by the country being on the border between eastern and western Europe. The land was created as a field county by Karl the Great in the late 700s. In the 13th century, the Habsburg family came to power. Austria eventually came to encompass large parts of Central Europe, becoming a European […]

Belarus Life Expectancy 2021

Belarus History

Prehistory The oldest finds are from the Middle Paleolithic (about 300,000-40,000 years ago). The southwestern edge of the country was reached by the Neolithic linear band ceramic culture and later by the tripole culture (4000-2800 BC). The central and northern parts were then dominated by groups of the non-agricultural pit-pottery culture. With the battle ax […]

Belgium Life Expectancy 2021

Belgium History

See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Belgium. In March 2004, in Arlon, the lawsuit was initiated against Marc Dutroux, who was charged with abduction, rape and murder. The trial took place 8 years after the actual incidents. Dutroux, along with 3 others, were accused of abducting, torturing and raping 6 children […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina Life Expectancy 2021

Bosnia and Herzegovina History

Prehistory The fertile areas of northeastern Bosnia seem to have constituted the demographic center of the area already during prehistoric times, while Hercegovina’s karst landscape has long been sparsely populated. Of the Stone Age periods, the Middle Paleolithic and especially the Late Paleolithic (about 40,000–9000 BC) are fairly well studied. As in other parts of […]

Bulgaria Life Expectancy 2021

Bulgaria History

See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Bulgaria. After 40 years of struggle to regain independence, in 1870 the Bulgarian church reached an agreement with the Sultan, allowing the creation of an archdiocese with 15 dioceses under it. The first archbishop and his successors were considered “troublemakers” and were banned by the […]

Croatia Life Expectancy 2021

Croatia History

Croatia’s history begins with Illyria, a landscape on the Balkan Peninsula that included today’s Croatia. This area was colonized by the Greeks from the 7th century before our time, and later by the Romans. Around 600 according to our time, Slavic tribes immigrated. The area was Christianized in the 8th century. Croatia was an independent […]

Czech Republic Life Expectancy 2021

Czech Republic History

The history of the Czech Republic is the country’s history from the first state formation in the area in the 8th and 9th centuries until the Czech Republic joined with Slovakia in the Czechoslovakia federation in 1918. Although the Czech Republic (Czech Republic) was first established in 1993, Bohemia (Čechy) and Moravia (Morava), the landscapes […]

Denmark Life Expectancy 2021

Denmark History

Prehistory The Hunter Stone Age (up to 4000 BC) The latest inland ice covered Denmark with the exception of the southwest part of Jutland. From this position it began to melt off about 18,000 years ago, and almost 13,000 years ago, the whole of Denmark was ice-free. Already during the time of the ice melt, […]

Estonia Life Expectancy 2021

Estonia History

1945 Coercive Collectiveization When Germany’s offensive against the Soviet Union began in 1941, German troops also invaded Estonia and instituted a terrorist regime. The Soviet first recaptured the Baltic States in 1944. The Russians initiated forced industrialization and forced collectivization of agriculture. The same “development model” Stalin had implemented in the Soviet Union since 1929. […]

Finland Life Expectancy 2021

Finland History

Prehistory Mesolithic Age (7300-4200 BC) Finland’s oldest stone-age finds belong to the Mesolithic Suomusjärvik culture. The oldest settlement, Ristola in Lahti, with a flint inventory with counterparts in the Baltic customer culture, can be dated to the preboreal period (c. 8000 BC), as well as the Antra nets. however, the majority belong to the boreal […]

France Life Expectancy 2021

France History

France’s history dates from the Roman conquests of the 100th century before our time. The present France is equivalent to most of the ancient Gallia Transalpina, which was divided into the Belgian to the north, the Celtic to the middle (around Seine and Loire) and Aquitania to the south (between Garonne and the Pyrenees). In […]

Germany Life Expectancy 2021

Germany History

Prehistory The Stone Age About half a million-year-old gear along with the legs of Homo erectus have been found in Bilzingsleben near Halle and in Mauer near Heidelberg. In southern and central Germany, the Middle Paleolithic is richly represented by settlement and skeletal finds derived from Neanderthal people (compare the Steinheim man). A large number […]

Greece Life Expectancy 2021

Greece History

The history of Greece and the Greek-speaking people goes back to ca. 1600 before our time calculation. The Greek antiquity extends from 800 BCE. to 395 AD and was a period of political, philosophical, artistic and scientific innovations that constitute a cultural heritage that has exercised fundamental influence on Western civilization. Throughout most of the […]

Hungary Life Expectancy 2021

Hungary History

Hungary’s history is characterized by its central location in Europe. During the Iron Age and during the migration period, the country was populated by many different groups of people, and it was for a time also a Roman province. In 896, the area was conquered by the Madjars, who would become the country’s dominant group […]

Iceland Life Expectancy 2021

Iceland History

Iceland’s history begins in the 8th century, when the island, located in the northern Atlantic Ocean, was populated, mainly from Norway and the British Isles. Iceland was then a free state until the 1200s, when the country was subject to the Norwegian king. After the Reformation in 1536, Iceland formally became part of Denmark. In […]

Ireland Life Expectancy 2021

Ireland History

History (after 1921) The 1921 independence agreement with the British was controversial. Within Sinn Fein and the IRA, there were groups that wanted to break with Britain and establish a republic. They were led by De Valera, who left the post of President of Dáil Éireann in protest of the deal. A civil war was […]

Italy Life Expectancy 2021

Italy History

Prehistory Humans (Homo erectus) are believed to have existed in Italy about a million years ago. The oldest traces from the Paleolithic period are simple stone implements; these have been found in the “settlement” of Isernia-La Pineta in Molise (about 700,000 years old). Acheule-type handguns are common, as are habitats both in the open and […]

Latvia Life Expectancy 2021

Latvia History

Prehistory The oldest archaeological finds in Latvia date from the end of the preboreal era, ie. 9000s BC The people lived by hunting and fishing and buried their dead in large tombs. The beginning of the Younger Stone Age (c. 4000 BC) is characterized by pottery from the so-called narra culture, which also occurs in […]

Liechtenstein Life Expectancy 2021

Liechtenstein History

Liechtenstein’s history begins with the creation of the Roman province of Rhaetia in the area. During the migration period Liechtenstein was populated by the Germanic tribe Alemanni, and eventually the area became part of the German-Roman Empire. The southern part of the country became independent in 1342, while the northern part joined in 1434. In […]

Lithuania Life Expectancy 2021

Lithuania History

Prehistory The oldest traces of human presence date from small groups of moose hunters during the 9000s BC. Their culture (so-called Baltic magdalenia) was akin to the bromine culture in southern Scandinavia. Locations have been found on the Nemunas River and at lakeside beaches. During the Mesolithic period (7000s BC), the local nemuna culture was […]

Luxembourg Life Expectancy 2021

Luxembourg History

Luxembourg’s history dates back to 963, when the castle of Luxembourg was fortified and a city community developed around it. In 1354 the country became a duchy, and from 1443 Luxembourg came under various European countries and dominions. In 1830, Luxembourg was divided and the Walloon part became subject to Belgium. When Belgium disbanded from […]

Malta Life Expectancy 2021

Malta History

Prehistory Malta was first colonized around 5000 BC of farming groups likely to come from Sicily; the oldest ceramic finds are identical to contemporary finds from the stentinello culture of the Syracuse region. Cultural development thereafter has a strong local character. In the next phase (c. 4,000 BC), kidney-shaped cult houses appeared as well as […]

Moldova Life Expectancy 2021

Moldova History

Moldova’s history begins with the founding of the Principality of Moldova in the mid-1300s. From 1538 the southeastern part of Moldova, Bugeac, was directly subject to the Ottoman Empire, while the rest of the country was a vassal state under the Ottomans. In 1812, the eastern part of Moldova, including Bugeac, was conquered by Russia […]

Montenegro Life Expectancy 2021

Montenegro History

Montenegro’s history is characterized by the country’s geographical location close to more powerful neighboring states. In the Middle Ages, Montenegro was subject to the Byzantine (East Roman) Empire and then the Kingdom of Serbia. When the Serbian kingdom disintegrated in the 1300s, Montenegro became an independent principality. In 1918, Montenegro became part of the new […]

Netherlands Life Expectancy 2021

Netherlands History

Prehistory From above all the younger Paleolithic and Mesolithic, a number of places with rich implements are known. Agriculture was introduced in the southwestern Netherlands with the band ceramic culture from Central Europe via Germany around 4000 BC. In the northeast (Drenthe), the funnel cup culture is characterized by rectangular megalithic tombs from about 2500 […]

Macedonia Life Expectancy 2021

Northern Macedonia History

Prehistory The upper part of the Vardar valley has at all times constituted an important cultural link between the Mediterranean world and the interior of the Balkan Peninsula. However, the older phases of the Stone Age are poorly known. The Neolithic began with the appearance of the starčeviculture, later succeeded by the wine culture. Bronze […]

Norway Life Expectancy 2021

Norway History

The history of Norway Norway’s history covers the period from the first people came to the country and up to our time. The earliest traces of human settlement in Norway are from the Stone Age, which began around the year 9,000–10,000 before our time. Stone age Duration: about 10,000–1800 BCE. The Stone Age is considered […]

Poland Life Expectancy 2021

Poland History

Prehistory Between the ice ages, the memorial and the rice, perhaps more than 350,000 years ago, lived Neanderthal people in southern Poland. From about 130,000 years ago, there are several traces of settlement in caves, among other things. near Cracow, and from a cave near Zakopane comes a boomerang of mammoth bones, dated to 25,000 […]

Portugal Life Expectancy 2021

Portugal History

The history of Portugal begins as the Roman province of Lusitania. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Portugal was occupied by Germans, then by Arabs. During the Middle Ages, Portuguese princes, with the support of the church, began to conquer the country, and Portugal reached its present borders around 1300. In the 1400s and […]

Romania Life Expectancy 2021

Romania History

Prehistory The oldest archaeological finds in Romania can be dated to older Paleolithic. During the 5000–3000 languages BC the early agricultural cultures replaced each other (compare Starčevo, band ceramic culture and Cucuteni). Transylvania with its metallurgical centers came to play an important role in cultural development in Central Europe during the Middle and Middle Bronze […]