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Prague, Czech Republic History

History The first vestiges in the place that Prague occupies today date from the Paleolithic. The first stable settlement is considered to have been that of the Celtic tribe, around the 6th century BC. of Christ and settled south of present-day Prague. The town was called Závist. Later this tribe was replaced by the Germanic people and… Read More »

Czech Republic History

Kingdom of Bohemia According to Andyeducation, the Czech territory was unified at the end of the 9th century by the dynasty of the Premyslites (Czech Premyslovci, this name means those who think a lot). The Kingdom of Bohemia was a significant regional power, with the King of Bohemia being one of the seven electors of the Holy Roman Emperor, the gold mines turned the… Read More »

Czech Republic History

The history of the Czech Republic is the country’s history from the first state formation in the area in the 8th and 9th centuries until the Czech Republic joined with Slovakia in the Czechoslovakia federation in 1918. Although the Czech Republic (Czech Republic) was first established in 1993, Bohemia (Čechy) and Moravia (Morava), the landscapes… Read More »