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The First Monuments of Italian Literature

In Bologna, where the new civil and political life was intense and at the glorious Studio, readers and schoolchildren flocked from all over Italy and beyond the Alps, the high lyric of love, of which the Sicilians had elaborated the language and metric on the void of thought and Guittone reinvigorated the style with a… Read More »

Italy History

Prehistory Humans (Homo erectus) are believed to have existed in Italy about a million years ago. The oldest traces from the Paleolithic period are simple stone implements; these have been found in the “settlement” of Isernia-La Pineta in Molise (about 700,000 years old). Acheule-type handguns are common, as are habitats both in the open and… Read More »

Traveling in Italy

Airplane: Italy’s main domestic airlines are Air One, Alitalia and Meridiana. But alsoRyanairflies a number of domestic routes. The main airports are Rome, Pisa, Milan, Bologna, Genoa, Turin, Naples, Venice, Catania, Palermo and Cagliari. Ships of Tirrenia Navigazioni connect all major port citiesof Italy with each other, including the ports of Sicily and Sardinia. Other… Read More »