Entertainment in Abkhazia

By | May 13, 2022

The main entertainment of Abkhazia is the beaches, and especially popular ones have standard entertainments like catamaran rentals, etc. However, many people go to Abkhazia for sights and museums – after all, there are so many of them in this amazing country that you definitely won’t see half of them in one visit.

Attractions Sukhum

In the capital of Abkhazia, you should definitely visit the embankments of the Mahadzhirs and Dioscuri. Tourists like Theater Square with fountains and chic palm trees. By the way, it is quite possible to go to the local drama theater – the performances are translated into Russian.

IMPORTANT: The Monkey Nursery is also interesting – about three hundred individuals from South America, Asia and Africa live here. Animals can be fed directly from the hands.

Lovers of antiquity should visit the Sukhumi fortress. It was built by the Romans, and she became the ancestor of the city. Only ruins remain of the fortress, but they are worth a look.

At a distance of six kilometers from Sukhum on the river Besletka there is a bridge, also preserved from ancient times. His peers are the towers of the great Abkhaz wall, the ruins of Sebastopolis, the ruins of Dioscuria and the castle of King Bagrat.

It is worth visiting the Abkhaz State Museum with a very extensive exposition about the history and economy of Abkhazia and its nature.

And 12 kilometers from Sukhum is the village of Kaman with the Kaman Monastery of St. John Chrysostom, built in the 11th century. And in the village of Dranda there is an even more ancient temple.

Sights of Gagra

Gagoa is a cozy resort town with beautiful beaches. At the same time, in its old part there are very interesting sights, for example, the Gagra fortress wall and the Zhoekvar gorge. In the fortress, a small basilica from the 6th century deserves special attention.

Along the sea is the central park of Gagra – Seaside Park with sculptures, ponds, palm trees and coniferous and citrus trees collected from around the world. From the same park, by cable car, you can get to the castle of the Prince of Oldenburg.

You should definitely visit the Gagripsh restaurant, built from Norwegian pine without the use of nails. Bunin, Gorky and Chekhov once dined here, and Fyodor Chaliapin performed.

If you drive 16 kilometers from Gagra, you will find yourself in Tsandrishp with an interesting temple of the 6th century. And you can look at Gagra from a height from the observation deck on Mount Mamzyshkha.

Sights of Pitsunda

Pitsunda is a small Abkhazian town with a unique microclimate and air saturated with a pine smell. Medicinal pine grows here, which is found only in Abkhazia. Pitsunda also has another natural attraction – eight lakes with amazingly clear water.

In the center of the city is located “Great Pitiunt” – an architectural complex with a temple and a little church.

Lake Ritsa

This lake is located one kilometer above sea level. It is distinguished by a very beautiful area, the view of which opens from the observation deck. Lovers of active entertainment and just those who love nature will like it here.

Near Ritsa there is an amazing Blue Lake – not for swimming, but for admiring, with crystal clear water.

Sights of New Athos

There are a lot of monuments and sights in New Athos. Of these, it is worth highlighting:

  • New Athos Simono-Kananitsky Orthodox Monastery;
  • Church of the Holy Apostle Simon the Zealot;
  • artificial waterfall;
  • New Athos cave;
  • Museum of Ethnography;
  • The ruins of the city-fortress, the capital of Abazgia.

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Abkhazia Hotels

Now various hotels, hotels and boarding houses are being actively built in Abkhazia, and most of them are in Gagra, Pitsunda and Sukhum. Also, tourists can always rent small cottages or campsites. Wellness resorts are very popular. Well, the “Soviet” option is still available – stopping in the private sector and renting a house or room.

There are no “stars” in local hotels, but the service there is usually very good – there is always hot and cold water, a TV and air conditioning. And the locals are very friendly and welcoming. In holiday homes and boarding houses, breakfast, lunch and dinner are often included in the price, in hotels only breakfast is served. And in the private sector, everything depends on the owners – for a fee, you can even be offered full board.

The cost of living in hotels and boarding houses starts from 3.5 thousand for the simplest double room. Most often, hotels are located by the sea, some have their own beaches. Houses and apartments by the sea can be rented from a thousand rubles a day, which is a very good option. And in some guest houses you can rent a room for only 350 rubles per person.

Attractions Sukhum