Holidays in China

By | May 20, 2022

China is an amazing country that attracts tourists with its culture and ample opportunities for a varied holiday. Holidays in China are liked by very different people, as here everyone can find something of their own – sights, noisy nightlife, exotic cuisine, beaches, shopping and much more.


According to, it is difficult to say something general about the weather in China, because the country is large and mountainous, and the climate here varies greatly. In general, China is characterized by a pronounced change of seasons, a small amount of precipitation in winter and monsoon rains in summer.

IMPORTANT: Rest in China is most comfortable in autumn and spring, when there is no sweltering heat or cold, and there are not very many tourists.

Visa and customs

To apply for a visa to China, you must contact the embassy or consulate. However, you can visit Hong Kong or Hainan for two weeks with a tour group without a visa, and in Xijiao and Macau (this is Manchuria’s airport), a visa is issued right at the border. You can also stay in Harbin, Wuhan, Guilin, Dalian, Shenyang, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai without a visa for 72 hours, but only if you fly through these countries to others.

You can learn more about visa processing and customs regulations here.


You can travel around China by planes, trains and buses. Planes are not very popular with locals, but there are airports in almost all major cities, so this method is quite convenient.

Buses are quite popular, some have reclining seats, and routes between big cities are even equipped with toilets. Sometimes the buses are noisy because of the constantly working TVs.

You can’t travel around China by car or motorcycle – tourists can travel here only accompanied by a special guide with rights. It is easier to take a taxi or a personal driver.

There are always a lot of passengers on Chinese trains, the trains are mostly modern, they run on time. Z-class express trains are especially good.

In cities you can travel by bus, but they are always very crowded. There is a subway in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Tianjin, and it is better to give preference to it, since traffic jams are always terrible in cities.


The main currency of China is the Chinese yuan. It is best to travel to China with dollars, although almost everywhere you can exchange rubles and euros. Often people pay on a trip with an ordinary ruble card.

In Suifenhe, located on the border, recently officially allowed to pay in Russian rubles as an experiment.


There are other opportunities for active sports in China:

If you like hiking in the mountains, then China is for you. Tibet is especially interesting in this regard – one has only to take into account that without a guide you will not be allowed anywhere. The trip will be within the power of only more or less prepared tourists, but the impressions from it will remain unforgettable;

Diving. There are not very many opportunities for diving in China – it is mainly available in Hainan or Zhejiang, but in general the underwater world here is rather scarce;

Mountain bike. The most interesting routes for him lie in the mountains in Yunnan – here you can climb almost two thousand meters and see stunning landscapes;

Surfing. For surfing, the tropical island of Hainan is best suited with fairly high waves. Beginners will enjoy Houhai Bay Beach.

As you can see, holidays in China are really extremely diverse, and everyone can find something to their liking.


In total, there are about ten thousand hotels of various levels in China, and about seven hundred of them are five-star hotels. Local hotels are classified separately here, only representatives of international hotel chains have star rating. A Chinese inn is an analogue of one-star accommodation, a guest house is two-three-star, a wine house is approximately 3-4 stars. Five-star hotels are only chain hotels. In general, tourists note that the level of service in China is often lower than is customary in other countries.

A night in a hotel in China will cost about 100 euros, a two-star hotel will cost about 25-45 euros, a three-star hotel – 45-70 euros. Such prices are in large cities, in small ones they are slightly lower.

It is possible to rent an apartment in China, although it is quite difficult due to the language barrier. However, there are sites where you can rent with basic knowledge of English. Usually renting an apartment costs about $25 per day. If you rent for a month, then save a little.

Advantages and disadvantages of holidays in China

Tourist experts have long been analyzing China from the point of view of recreation, and have long identified the main pros and cons of this tourist destination.


  • A truly varied holiday;
  • A lot of interesting cultural sights and architectural monuments;
  • Pleasant climate, especially on the islands;
  • Many people like the local traditional medicine;
  • Low prices, especially for fairly expensive goods;
  • Interesting nature.


  • Very dirty in places;
  • Some resorts and areas are not interesting, more like ordinary Russian cities;
  • A very strong language barrier – almost no one speaks English, one cannot even dream of Russian;
  • Some are unlucky with Chinese attitudes towards tourists;
  • Municipal equipped beaches are often filled with Chinese;
  • Large cities like Beijing or Shanghai are very crowded;
  • Some resorts have almost no infrastructure.

IMPORTANT: As a result, we can conclude that for a comfortable stay in China, the main thing is to choose the right resort. Also, lovers of oriental culture and inexpensive shopping, as well as those who want to improve their health, will definitely like it here.


In general, people respond positively to holidays in China. Most often, people from Russia travel to Hainan Island, as well as to border towns, just for the weekend. Most often, tourists note that the rest is not bad, often quite budgetary. Residents of cities in the Asian part of Russia like that the road to the resorts does not take much time. They often go to China for sightseeing holidays, literally everyone is satisfied with the sights. Local medicine is also at a high level, many specially stop at medical centers or hot springs.

Dissatisfaction is mainly caused by dirt, especially in inexpensive hotels, as well as a complete misunderstanding on the part of staff, sellers and ordinary people on the streets. In addition, people note the strong resentment and unfriendliness of the Chinese, but others, in turn, say that the main thing here is not to offend the culture and traditions of the country.

Frequently asked questions about holidays in China


What do you need to visit Tibet during a trip to China?


You will need to issue a special permit and pay for a tour to Tibet in a Chinese or Tibetan travel agency. The second, by the way, is more preferable, as the locals are better versed in the sights. Tours are group only, you can stay in Tibet only with a special guide.


How to visit the Underground City in Beijing?


The most interesting part of the underground city is located under the Qianmen area, there are entrances throughout the area. Entrance for tourists costs about 20 yuan.


When is the best beach holiday in China?


Everywhere in China, you can relax on the beach only in the summer months, except for Hainan Island, where beach holidays are available all year round without exception.


If you go to China for treatment, what will be included in its cost?


Usually, everything is included in the cost of treatment, including consumables, food and accommodation. Medical manipulations like massage and acupuncture are the most expensive.


When and where is the best time to go to China for a fur coat?


Sales here begin around mid-February. The question “where” is more difficult to answer, but mostly people still prefer Beijing. Although in the border towns a fur coat can be bought much cheaper than in Russia.

Holidays in China