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Best time to visit Myanmar

Myanmar , also known as Burma or Burma , has not long been on travelers’ radar. But interest is increasing and the number of tourists is getting higher and higher. No wonder, because the Southeast Asian country with borders to Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, India, China and the Bay of Bengal has a lot to offer. […]

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Asia History

Immigration About 120,000 years ago, a group of so-called modern people wandered. Homo sapiens sapiens, north of Africa through Egypt and across Sinai to Israel, but this group died out 90,000 years ago. 85,000 years ago, people crossed the Bab el-Mandeb Strait on the Red Sea to the Arabian Peninsula, which was narrower than it […]

Nigeria Decolonization

Africa History

Decolonization The controlled decolonization of Africa began only after World War II. One of the foundations was that the education system was greatly improved after 1945. Then more and more Africans received higher education in Europe, especially in the UK and France, partly in Portugal and some in the USA. After 1945, many soldiers, who […]

Europe History

Europe History

The history of Europe is the history of the continent of Europe, the western extremity of the Eurasian landmass. When talking about the history of Europe, one must distinguish between the history of the concept of Europe and the history of the areas covered by the term. Europe as a purely geographical term derives from […]

North and Central America
North America

North and Central America

Columbus and North America In 1497/98 the Venetian Caboto reached Newfoundland, Cap Breton Island, the St. Lawrence Gulf as far as the Hudson Estuary; In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon landed in Florida. In 1517, Hernandez de Cordoba researched Yucatán (Mayan culture). The discoveries were followed by conquests, the time of the conquistadors: after exploring […]

Oceania History

Oceania History

According to Countryaah, Oceania is the largest island cluster on the planet, with over 10,000 islands and 14 countries. Australia and Oceania History There were paleolithic hunters and gatherers on the islands of Oceania over 10,000 years ago, which were replaced by soil farmers and the roller ax culture about 5,000 years ago. The discovery […]

South America History
South America

South America History

Pre-Columbian history America was probably originally a “deserted” continent. The first immigration (hunter-gatherer) from Asian Siberia via the then still mainland or icy Bering Strait was around 15,000 BC. (maybe earlier) detectable; the Inca Empire in Peru since 1200, peak in the 15th century AD Columbus and post-Columbian history After the old West-East trade routes […]

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Togo History

History In the centuries leading up to the middle of the 19th century, Togo was at the intersection of rival influences from the powerful Ashanti kingdom in the west and Dahomey (now Benin) in the east. In the 1840s, German missionaries arrived in the area and later also merchants. In 1884, German explorer Gustav Nachtigal, […]

Azerbaijan Life Expectancy 2021

Azerbaijan History

The Azerbaijani population is a conglomerate, a secular fusion of the ancient peoples of the East Caucasus. In the area we know today as Azerbadjan originated in the 9th century BCE the states of Mana, Caucasian Albania and Atropotena – from the latter the name Azerbadjan is derived. General Atropates proclaimed the independence of this […]

Afghanistan Life Expectancy 2021

Afghanistan History

Prehistory Findings from the Middle Paleolithic have been made, but the knowledge of this and subsequent phases of the Stone Age is still (1996) very uneven. First from about 4000 BC there is a fuller Late Nite political material from southern Afghanistan (Qanda Valley). At that time, the region was part of a trade and […]

Albania Life Expectancy 2021

Albania History

Prehistory According to European conditions, the prehistory of Albania is still (1996) incompletely known. The oldest finds are from the Middle Paleolithic (about 300,000-40,000 years ago), but the lack of older finds is probably apparent. A large part of the investigated settlements dates back to the entrance of the Neolithic (c. 7000 BC) cave dwellings. […]

Algeria Life Expectancy 2021

Algeria History

In the April 2004 election, Abdelaziz Bouteflika was re-elected with 84% of the vote – according to the report. the official statements. His main counterpart, former Prime Minister Ali Benflis gained 8% and called the election a massive electoral fraud. Benflis and his supporters rejected the election result and filed a complaint with the Algerian […]

Angola Life Expectancy 2021

Angola History

See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Angola. Angolan refugees began returning in June from refugee camps in Zambia. Acc. organization is expected to return another 50,000 refugees in the course of 2004. The refugee organization acknowledged that repatriation was a major challenge, because the roads between the two countries were in […]

Antigua and Barbuda Life Expectancy 2021
North America

Antigua and Barbuda History

Columbus discovered Antigua, inhabited by Caribbean Indians, in 1493. The island was first colonized after 1632 by Britain. They also colonized Barbuda in the 1660s and 1970s, but ended up in private ownership in 1680. Barbuda returned to the British crown in the late 1800s and could then be united with Antigua. The islands were […]

Argentina Life Expectancy 2021
South America

Argentina History

The oldest archaeological finds in the Argentine area date from ca. 10,000 BC About. 500 BC taught the Indians in Argentina to grow potatoes, hold llamas, and work in ceramics and metals. In the last of three ceramic periods, after approx. 1000 AD, rich bronze works were made. Somewhat younger are hires for urban development […]

Armenia Life Expectancy 2021

Armenia History

See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Armenia. The dissatisfaction with the social conditions – where unemployment reached 20% of the working people – and the oppression faced by the opposition, led to the decline of Ter-Petrosan. The president resigned in March 1998, having been left behind by the leading personalities of […]

Australia Life Expectancy 2021

Australia History

Prehistory Australia’s prehistory was long believed to have been short, perhaps a few thousand years. Systematic archaeological research first gained momentum in the 1960s, but quickly changed our perception of the continent’s prehistory. We now know that it begins at least 50,000 (maybe more than 80,000) years ago. The population’s collector and hunter economy over […]

Austria Life Expectancy 2021

Austria History

Austria’s history is characterized by the country being on the border between eastern and western Europe. The land was created as a field county by Karl the Great in the late 700s. In the 13th century, the Habsburg family came to power. Austria eventually came to encompass large parts of Central Europe, becoming a European […]

Bahamas Life Expectancy 2021
North America

Bahamas History

When Columbus first landed in the New World on October 12, 1492, this happened in the Bahamas. He called the island of San Salvador. The Arawak Indians, who populated the islands, were soon exterminated or deported by the Spaniards. When the islands were laid under the British colony of Carolina in today’s United States in […]

Bahrain Life Expectancy 2021

Bahrain History

Prehistory Bahrain is mentioned as Dilmun in Sumerian wedge writing documents from the 21st century BC. A Danish archaeological expedition has, among other things, found a walled city with an area of 17 ha from about 2000 BC, when the island of Bahrain was an intermediate station for trade between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley. […]

Bangladesh Life Expectancy 2021

Bangladesh History

Throughout the centuries, the area has been a northeastern outer zone, far from the center of power, in the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim kingdoms, as well as in British India. Until 1947, Bengal was an integrated area, consisting of present Bangladesh and what is now the Indian state of West Bengal. Bengal has primarily belonged […]

Barbados Life Expectancy 2021
North America

Barbados History

At the arrival of the Europeans in the early 16th century, the island was inhabited by Arab-speaking Indians, who were evicted by the Spaniards as slaves to Hispaniola (Haiti). In the 1620s, English colonizers settled in Barbados. They built sugar plantations and, as a labor force, imported slaves from Africa. Barbados became a British crown […]

Belarus Life Expectancy 2021

Belarus History

Prehistory The oldest finds are from the Middle Paleolithic (about 300,000-40,000 years ago). The southwestern edge of the country was reached by the Neolithic linear band ceramic culture and later by the tripole culture (4000-2800 BC). The central and northern parts were then dominated by groups of the non-agricultural pit-pottery culture. With the battle ax […]

Belgium Life Expectancy 2021

Belgium History

See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Belgium. In March 2004, in Arlon, the lawsuit was initiated against Marc Dutroux, who was charged with abduction, rape and murder. The trial took place 8 years after the actual incidents. Dutroux, along with 3 others, were accused of abducting, torturing and raping 6 children […]

Belize Life Expectancy 2021
North America

Belize History

Belize was originally part of the area of Mayan culture. The Spanish explored the coast in 1531, but found the area, largely made up of impenetrable jungle, unattractive. British Crown Colony From 1638 British pirates settled, and by using slaves from Jamaica they began the export of Brazilian wood and mahogany. The Spaniards tried several […]

Benin Life Expectancy 2021

Benin History

History The country was named from the 17th century until 1975 Dahomey. Benin is not to be confused with the older kingdom of the same name in present Nigeria (see Benin Kingdom). Abomey, the former capital of Dahomey, became the center towards the end of the 17th century in a powerful state formation, which had […]

Bhutan Life Expectancy 2021

Bhutan History

New Delhi authorities cooperated on several occasions with the government of Bhutan to control the exiled opposition politicians who resided in northern India, and several demonstrations against the government of Thimbu were halted. Bhutan in turn assisted by supporting India internationally. Bhutan agreed with India and Libya on the ban on nuclear testing. In early […]

Bolivia Life Expectancy 2021
South America

Bolivia History

Prehistory Paleo-Indian hunters and collectors arrived in western South America at the end of the Ice Age. They hunted, among other things. llamas and collected root vegetables. Later domestication of the llama and cultivation of potatoes and quinoa occur in connection with greater habitat. In the Titicaca area, cities developed around 1200 BC. Copper smelting […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina Life Expectancy 2021

Bosnia and Herzegovina History

Prehistory The fertile areas of northeastern Bosnia seem to have constituted the demographic center of the area already during prehistoric times, while Hercegovina’s karst landscape has long been sparsely populated. Of the Stone Age periods, the Middle Paleolithic and especially the Late Paleolithic (about 40,000–9000 BC) are fairly well studied. As in other parts of […]

Botswana Life Expectancy 2021

Botswana History

Thanks to tourism and the export of diamonds, which made Botswana the second largest exporter in the world after Russia in the 1990s, the country achieved a surplus of state finances which, after all, could not solve the most pressing of the population’s problems. In 1998, 30% of the adult population was HIV positive. In […]

Brazil Life Expectancy 2021
South America

Brazil History

Prehistory Traces of paleo-Indian collectors have been found together with the bones of giant angels in Rio Grande do Sul in southwestern Brazil and dated to around 13000–6000 BC. Cultural warehouse older than 20000 BC is suggested by carbon-14 dating from a cave in Soquerão in the Pedra Furada region of northeastern Brazil. Kitchen matings, […]

Brunei Life Expectancy 2021

Brunei History

Brunei is one of the oldest state institutions on Borneo and was in the past a hub of Southeast Asian trade. Written evidence exists for early contacts with India and China, at least since the late 900s. In connection with the commercial boom of the 14th century, Islam spread along the trade routes. Brunei then […]

Bulgaria Life Expectancy 2021

Bulgaria History

See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Bulgaria. After 40 years of struggle to regain independence, in 1870 the Bulgarian church reached an agreement with the Sultan, allowing the creation of an archdiocese with 15 dioceses under it. The first archbishop and his successors were considered “troublemakers” and were banned by the […]

Burkina Faso Life Expectancy 2021

Burkina Faso History

History In the 15th century, a number of mossy and Gurmarian riches emerged in the eastern and central parts of the present Burkina Faso, including Yatenga and Ouagadougou. These kingdoms resisted the pressure of the West Sudanese great powers Mali and Songhai, and lasted until the 1870s, when the European colonial conquest took place. France […]

Burundi Life Expectancy 2021

Burundi History

Burundi is one of Africa’s poorest and most densely populated areas. As if that were not plentiful, the country has been ravaged over the past 5 centuries by ethnic and economic conflicts between the Hutus and the Tutsi. Since the 15th century, there have been at least 5 comprehensive genocides that have alternately gone beyond […]

Cabo Verde Life Expectancy 2021

Cabo Verde History

History The archipelago was uninhabited when it was discovered by the Portuguese in 1460. In 1462, the Portuguese settled on the island of São Tiago and founded the city of Ribeira Grande (not to be confused with the modern city of the same name, on Santo Antão). The slave trade gave the city prosperity, but […]

Cambodia Life Expectancy 2021

Cambodia History

Cambodia’s history covers the period up to around 1990. Archaeological finds show that the areas northwest of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Cambodia have been inhabited in Neolithic times. Historical time in Cambodia begins with Funan Empire (50-500 CE.), Who was succeeded by Chenla (500-800) and Angkor (800-1431). From 1594 to 1800, Cambodia was […]

Cameroon Life Expectancy 2021

Cameroon History

In January 1993, Finance Minister Antoine Ntsimi introduced reductions in salaries of public servants of between 4 and 20%, which, as he put it, avoided layoffs of 50,000 employees. See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Cameroon. France decreases one-third of Cameroon’s exports. This dependence led to opposition concerns about any boycott […]

Canada Life Expectancy 2021
North America

Canada History

Prehistory 20,000 years ago, Canada was completely covered by the ice cap. People have migrated across the Alaska-Siberia land bridge, and they may have continued south through an ice-free corridor in present-day Alberta. Early finds (9500–8000 BC) have been made on the Canadian prairie and as far east as Ontario and New Brunswick. After 8000 […]

Central African Republic Life Expectancy 2021

Central African Republic History

The first round of presidential elections was conducted on August 11, 1993, but once again the result was canceled by Kolingba by decree. That made France threaten to suspend its economic and military aid to the country, forcing Kolingba to conduct the second round of the presidential election. On September 1, Kolingba ordered all political […]