Sights of Ibiza, Spain

By | November 4, 2022

According to CITYPOPULATIONREVIEW, the island of Ibizabelongs to the Balearic archipelago, located east of mainland Spain. Ibiza is internationally known for its nightlife, wellness culture and appeal to the international jet set. Ibiza has something to offer for every type of holidaymaker, although the relatively high prices compared to other Spanish destinations still put off quite a few people. Renting a villa in Ibiza usually costs more than renting a comparable house on the Costa Blanca and the exclusive parties in the hip clubs of Ibiza will cost you a considerable amount of entrance, after which the drinks are not among the cheapest. The fact that thousands of tourists still land on Ibiza every day means that the island is really worth it.

If you are celebrating a holiday in Ibiza, you can choose from a large number of types of accommodation. For the ultimate Ibiza feeling, we always choose a villa in Ibiza. A private villa with swimming pool is often no more expensive than a hotel with comparable comfort, as long as you go on holiday to Ibiza with a few more people.

Top 10 places of interest in Ibiza

#1. Ibiza Town

In Catalan the city of Ibiza is called ‘Eivissa’. The biggest monumental attraction of Ibiza Town is Dalt Vila with the harbor ‘La Marina’ nearby. Many boutiques and bars can be found in Ibiza town. Walking through the many picturesque alleys you will find one beautiful part of this enchanting city after another. Everyone will agree that Ibiza has something magical. A more vibrant part of Ibiza town can be found in the Sa Penya district at Carrer de la Verge. At night you can find the club entertainment here. The Vara de Rey Boulevard can be found in the relatively new part of Ibiza town. The shops, bars and restaurant in this part are a bit newer, but no less romantic than in the older part.

#2. Dalt Vila

There is one part of Ibiza Town that deserves a special mention and that is Dalt Vila. Dalt Vila is the old town center of Ibiza town. This city center has partially excavated historical walls, dating back to the 16th century. The Cathedral of Santa Maria d’Eivissa is located at the top of Dalt Vila. The cathedral was built in the 14th century. From all over the city of Ibiza, this cathedral towers majestically above everything. Dalt Vila is well worth exploring. Stroll through the narrow medieval streets and be surprised by the various beautiful places you will encounter along the way. From the fortifications you can enjoy a phenomenal view over the city, the marina and the Mediterranean Sea.

#3. Nightlife

Ibiza is not only a wonderful holiday destination for sun, sea and beach. It is also an excellent destination for the so-called club scene. People from all over the world come to Ibiza to party in one of the many world famous clubs on the island. Well-known names include Pacha, Eden, Privilege, Amnesia and DC10. Many famous DJs fly to this destination from around the world to make the revelers go crazy. Our own DJ Tiësto and Armin van Buuren can be found there with some regularity.

#4. Beaches

Ibiza is ideal for a sun, sea and beach holiday. The island has a large number of beautiful to very beautiful beaches. There are quiet, busy to very busy beaches. At Benirras Bay you will find a beautiful sand and pebble beach surrounded by pine trees and green hills with beautiful rocks. Due to the rocky bottom, this is also a great place for snorkelers. At sunset, a rocky outcrop can be seen here in the sea, which is referred to as ‘God’s finger’. There are also beaches where the sand is changed every year. These are the beaches in Ibiza town, San José, San Antonio, San Juan and Santa Eulalia.

In Ibiza you can go to the beach in different ways. You can find a spot on the sand or pebbles with your own bath towel and a cool box. Another option is to go to one of the hip beach clubs, where you can be completely pampered. Count on prices that can easily raise an average holiday budget quite a bit. Beloved and well-known beach clubs in Ibiza are Blue Marlin, the Nassau Beach Club, Nikki Beach and the Cotton Beach Club. There is a reasonable chance that you will see familiar faces in these places.

#5. Hippie markets

Before mass tourism in Ibiza started, it was mainly hippies who came to this great island. The flower power culture was clearly present in Ibiza from the second half of the sixties. The hippies felt very much at home on this island where love, nature and togetherness were important elements. The hippies were able to support themselves by making and selling all kinds of things. Today, the real hippie culture has largely been displaced by mass tourism. The hippy markets that emerged in the 1970s have now become beloved tourist attractions. On Wednesdays, the hippie market Punta Arabi is held in Es Canar.

#6. Sunset in San Antonio

The west coast of Ibiza is the place to enjoy the sunset. You can see it from anywhere in the west, but it is especially the seaside resort of San Antonio that is very famous for this. Especially at the chill-out bars Café del Mar and Mambo Café it is very busy around sunset in the summer months. This is the time to end the day while enjoying relaxed house beats and a cool drink and start going out. Many use the sunset in San Antonio as the kick-off to a long evening and night of music and dancing.

You don’t necessarily have to sit on one of the terraces to enjoy the sunset. The rocks next to Café del Mar and Mambo Café offer the same magical view. You can get the cool drinks for a pittance at the supermarket around the corner.

#7. Es Vedra

Southwest of Ibiza are two uninhabited islands: Es Vedra and Es Vedranell. Magical powers are attributed to Es Vedra. This is due to the high concentration of minerals and metals. This creates a magnetic field. It seems that people who believe in places of power feel very comfortable in the vicinity of Es Vedra. You can get close to Es Vedra by boat. Many choose to enjoy the view of Es Vedra from the coast of the island of Ibiza. For the best viewpoints, for example at the Torre Pirata, you sometimes have to walk a bit.

#8. Cova de Can Marca

Ibiza is not only a picture above ground to see. You can also spot a number of special sights underground. The island has several caves and cave systems that are worth visiting. The most famous of these is Cova de Can Marca. This large cave is estimated to be over 100,000 years old and would therefore be one of the oldest caves in Ibiza. This cave used to be used to hide contraband. After the discovery in 1970 by the Belgian Jean-Pierre van der Abeelle, it was made suitable for visiting by the general public. A special lighting plan ensures that the waterfalls, stalagmites and stalactites come into their own even better.

#9. Sa Caleta

There are plenty of beaches and coves in Ibiza that are worth a visit. There is one in particular that we want to give a place in the top 10 places of interest in Ibiza and that is Sa Caleta. This bay with a pleasant beach is located on the south side of the island. It is one of many examples of how great Ibiza can be. On one of the cliffs around this bay you can see one of the oldest sights in Ibiza. They are the remains of a former settlement that the Phoenicians founded here almost three thousand years ago.

#10. Formentera

For the last tip of our top 10 Ibiza sights, you have to get on the boat. That is to visit the neighboring island of Formentera. We could easily have completed the list with the ten highlights of Ibiza with a place that is actually located on Ibiza. However, we would regret it if you did not take the opportunity to visit Formentera during your holiday in Ibiza. Formentera is much quieter than Ibiza and the beaches are even more beautiful. You imagine yourself here in the Caribbean.

The two most obvious ways to get to Formentera are on a boat trip (mooring in front of a beach) or by ferry crossing. Then you can explore the island on your own, for example with a rental car or a rental bicycle. You can arrange this immediately upon arrival.

Ibiza, Spain