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Sights of Mons, Belgium

The Walloon city of Mons is better known to us as Mons. The city of almost one hundred thousand is the capital of the province of Hainaut. Bergen is located about fifty kilometers south of Brussels, more than an hour and a half drive from Breda and more than two hours drive from Utrecht. Bergen… Read More »

Belgium Economy

The economic development of Belgium has its roots in the frenetic mercantile activity that characterized the bourgeois population of its cities since the beginning of the modern age. This vocation to trade, in common with the neighboring Netherlands and partly due to the strategic position between the French, German and British areas, manifested itself in… Read More »

Belgium History

See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Belgium. In March 2004, in Arlon, the lawsuit was initiated against Marc Dutroux, who was charged with abduction, rape and murder. The trial took place 8 years after the actual incidents. Dutroux, along with 3 others, were accused of abducting, torturing and raping 6 children… Read More »