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Sights of Turkey

Turkey attracts tourists with a large number of natural and man-made wonders. Magic landscapes, extraordinary places, exclusive monuments of the Byzantine and Ottoman eras – the list includes dozens of interesting sights. Here you will learn about the most popular “highlights” of the Republic of Turkey, which we recommend visiting if you have chosen trips… Read More »


FLIGHTS, ACCOMMODATION AND MOVEMENT IN ALANYA The warm sun and good sandy beaches attract tourists to Alanya. Flights and package tours Alanya is a standard destination for many travel agents, but in addition to traditional package tours, there are only flights. Many travel to Alanya from Antalya Airport, located about 130 kilometers from Alanya. Alanya’s… Read More »

Turkey History

Turkey is located in the Middle East and Southeastern Europe, bordered by eight countries. According to homosociety, it has a population of around 83 million people and the official language is Turkish. The currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TRY). Islam is the main religion practiced in Turkey, followed by Christianity and Judaism. The… Read More »