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Croatia Society

Education According to educationvv, primary education in Croatia begins at the age of six or seven and consists of eight grades. In 2007, a law was passed to increase free but not compulsory education up to eighteen years of age. Compulsory education consists of eight categories divided into primary school and secondary education that is provided… Read More »

Split (World Heritage)

The old town is dominated by the remains of the mighty Diocletian’s Palace, which was built between 295 and 305 and was intended as a retirement home for the emperor. He combined various elements from Roman villa and palace architecture or from military and sacred architecture. The current cathedral is part of the former palace,… Read More »

Croatia History

Croatia’s history begins with Illyria, a landscape on the Balkan Peninsula that included today’s Croatia. This area was colonized by the Greeks from the 7th century before our time, and later by the Romans. Around 600 according to our time, Slavic tribes immigrated. The area was Christianized in the 8th century. Croatia was an independent… Read More »