China Life Expectancy 2021

China History

Prehistory Systematic archaeological activity in China first began in the 1920s; before that, the knowledge of the country’s material past had to a not insignificant extent been derived from the plundering of graves and holy sites. A native ancient academy of knowledge was founded in 1928. By 1921, however, the remains of primitive people had […]

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FLIGHTS, ACCOMMODATION AND MOVEMENT IN ALANYA The warm sun and good sandy beaches attract tourists to Alanya. Flights and package tours Alanya is a standard destination for many travel agents, but in addition to traditional package tours, there are only flights. Many travel to Alanya from Antalya Airport, located about 130 kilometers from Alanya. Alanya’s […]

Nepal Culture

Nepal Culture, History and Economy

CULTURE: GENERAL INFORMATION According to aparentingblog, the forms of Nepalese culture are many and different for a double order of reasons: on the one hand, the stratification of influences and traditions linked to the peoples and religions that have settled here; on the other hand, the division of the population into castes, introduced by Hinduism, […]

South Korea Culture

South Korea Culture

The Korean art, with Pottery in the Neolithic Stone (6000-2000 v. Chr.) And stone tombs in the first millennium BC. Is already tangible, received significant impulses from China, as well as Korean literature and Korean music. On the other hand, Korean art had a great influence on Japanese art. As in the North Korean kingdom […]

Bagan, Myanmar Transportation

Bagan, Myanmar Transportation

Bagan: Arrival and Transport General According to homosociety, traffic information in Myanmar is often subject to change. Information that is still up-to-date today can be completely out of date tomorrow. It is therefore advisable to contact Myanmar Travels beforehand: Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board c / o Traders Hotel, Level 3, Business Center, 223 Sule Pagoda […]

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Asia History

Immigration About 120,000 years ago, a group of so-called modern people wandered. Homo sapiens sapiens, north of Africa through Egypt and across Sinai to Israel, but this group died out 90,000 years ago. 85,000 years ago, people crossed the Bab el-Mandeb Strait on the Red Sea to the Arabian Peninsula, which was narrower than it […]

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur

The 10 tallest buildings in the world

The ten tallest buildings in the world are located in Asia and the United States. It is the ambition of many countries to own the tallest skyscraper on earth and to set a monument for themselves. The race towards this goal sometimes produces strange flowers. That is why the list of the ten tallest buildings […]

Cambodia Poverty

Cambodia Poverty and Corruption

Poverty Due to the economic boom over the past two decades, fewer and fewer Cambodians are living below the national poverty line. How many there are depends, among other things, on the respective definition and the parameters on which the measurement is based. Although neither reliable data nor uniform reporting trends are available, around a […]

Myanmar Attractions

Best time to visit Myanmar

Myanmar , also known as Burma or Burma , has not long been on travelers’ radar. But interest is increasing and the number of tourists is getting higher and higher. No wonder, because the Southeast Asian country with borders to Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, India, China and the Bay of Bengal has a lot to offer. […]

Azerbaijan Life Expectancy 2021

Azerbaijan History

The Azerbaijani population is a conglomerate, a secular fusion of the ancient peoples of the East Caucasus. In the area we know today as Azerbadjan originated in the 9th century BCE the states of Mana, Caucasian Albania and Atropotena – from the latter the name Azerbadjan is derived. General Atropates proclaimed the independence of this […]

Afghanistan Life Expectancy 2021

Afghanistan History

Prehistory Findings from the Middle Paleolithic have been made, but the knowledge of this and subsequent phases of the Stone Age is still (1996) very uneven. First from about 4000 BC there is a fuller Late Nite political material from southern Afghanistan (Qanda Valley). At that time, the region was part of a trade and […]

Armenia Life Expectancy 2021

Armenia History

See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Armenia. The dissatisfaction with the social conditions – where unemployment reached 20% of the working people – and the oppression faced by the opposition, led to the decline of Ter-Petrosan. The president resigned in March 1998, having been left behind by the leading personalities of […]

Bahrain Life Expectancy 2021

Bahrain History

Prehistory Bahrain is mentioned as Dilmun in Sumerian wedge writing documents from the 21st century BC. A Danish archaeological expedition has, among other things, found a walled city with an area of 17 ha from about 2000 BC, when the island of Bahrain was an intermediate station for trade between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley. […]

Bangladesh Life Expectancy 2021

Bangladesh History

Throughout the centuries, the area has been a northeastern outer zone, far from the center of power, in the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim kingdoms, as well as in British India. Until 1947, Bengal was an integrated area, consisting of present Bangladesh and what is now the Indian state of West Bengal. Bengal has primarily belonged […]

Bhutan Life Expectancy 2021

Bhutan History

New Delhi authorities cooperated on several occasions with the government of Bhutan to control the exiled opposition politicians who resided in northern India, and several demonstrations against the government of Thimbu were halted. Bhutan in turn assisted by supporting India internationally. Bhutan agreed with India and Libya on the ban on nuclear testing. In early […]

Brunei Life Expectancy 2021

Brunei History

Brunei is one of the oldest state institutions on Borneo and was in the past a hub of Southeast Asian trade. Written evidence exists for early contacts with India and China, at least since the late 900s. In connection with the commercial boom of the 14th century, Islam spread along the trade routes. Brunei then […]

Cambodia Life Expectancy 2021

Cambodia History

Cambodia’s history covers the period up to around 1990. Archaeological finds show that the areas northwest of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Cambodia have been inhabited in Neolithic times. Historical time in Cambodia begins with Funan Empire (50-500 CE.), Who was succeeded by Chenla (500-800) and Angkor (800-1431). From 1594 to 1800, Cambodia was […]

Cyprus Life Expectancy 2021

Cyprus History

Prehistory The oldest traces of human presence in Cyprus have been found on the Akrotiri Peninsula on the south coast of the island, where the native dwarf forms of forest elephant and hippopotamus were hunted and exterminated around 10,000 BC. Objects from a hunter and gatherer culture have been traced in the Tremithos Valley in […]

East Timor Life Expectancy 2021

East Timor History

Prehistory The island of Timor, during the recent ice age, was one of the most important land areas over which Australia was populated some 50,000 years ago. While Australia and New Guinea formed a contiguous land area, the Sahul, as well as the Indonesian island world with Southeast Asia, Timor remained an island due to […]

Georgia Life Expectancy 2021

Georgia History

Prehistory Several finds of early individuals of the genus Homohas been made in Georgia. The Paleolithic (older Stone Age) is well known through numerous surveys of cave settlements and open settlements. The Late Paleolithic (c. 40,000-9000 BC) is particularly well represented in the western part of the country. Mesolithic settlement can also be occupied in […]

India Life Expectancy 2021

India History

Most of the people of India live in villages. Agricultural production has become specialized, but India does not have the historical or natural conditions of being an agricultural country. As late as the 19th century, half of the Indian population lived in larger and smaller cities and were engaged in crafts and industry. Especially the […]

Indonesia Life Expectancy 2021

Indonesia History

Archaeological traces show that Indonesia was one of the first places on earth where homo sapiens lived. The current population is predominantly descended from immigrants from Malaya, who around the year 400 had developed kingdoms in Java (Jawa) and Sumatra (Sumatera) with cultural and religious influence from India. The heavily centralized kingdoms were based on […]

Iran Life Expectancy 2021

Iran History

Prehistory Finds of stone tools, including the presence of hominids in Iran’s peripheral areas probably already dates to about 800,000-700,000 years ago, while very few evidence exists for settlements in the central highlands. From the Middle Paleolithic (100,000-40,000 BC), there are several cave settlements in the Zagros Mountains (including Ghar-i Khar, Varvasi and Kunji caves); […]

Iraq Life Expectancy 2021

Iraq History

Prehistory The oldest finds of human activity in Iraq derive from the mountainous regions on the Iranian border. The most significant of these cave finds are the Neanderthal tombs of Shanidar, dating to the Middle Palaeolithic (about 80,000 BC). The climatic conditions that condone human adaptation have not undergone any radical change in Iraq over […]

Israel Life Expectancy 2021

Israel History

The State of Israel was established in 1948, but its roots extend much further back in time. The idea of ​​a separate state for the Jews emerged in Europe in the late 1800s, in response to rising anti-Semitism and nationalism there. The Jewish nationalism that propelled the establishment of Israel is called Zionism. The years […]

Japan Life Expectancy 2021

Japan History

Japan’s history begins around 500 AD The country then consisted of several patriarchal controlled tribal communities, each with its own territories. Japan was an empire from the 6th century, but in 1185 the Minamotu family prevailed, taking the title of shogun (general), and the shogun became the country’s real ruler. Eventually, warring factions emerged that […]

Jordan Life Expectancy 2021

Jordan History

Prehistory Jordan has been inhabited at least since the early Paleolithic period (Abu Khas) about 1.2 million years BC. During the Middle Paleolithic period (about 100,000-40,000 BC), several settlements arose in Wadi al-Hasa and in the region of Kerata, followed by a longer decline due to drought. During the epipaleolithic period (18,000-8,000 BC), the semi-nomadic […]

Kazakhstan Life Expectancy 2021

Kazakhstan History

Prehistory Already from older Palaeolithic there are finds (Karatau). During the Neolithic, herdsmen and farmers established themselves in the area. Most of Kazakhstan was covered by the Andronovo culture during the Bronze Age. The economy was differentiated during the Iron Age: on the one hand, nomadic livestock management played an increasingly important role, and on […]

Kuwait Life Expectancy 2021

Kuwait History

Prehistory Archaeological finds have shown contacts with Mesopotamian river cultures from Neolithic times. On the island of Faylaka, there are remains of temples, homes and tombs with stamped seals from the 21st century BC. found. Of the influence of later cultures, the remains of a Hellenistic (Seleukidic) temple, likewise at Faylaka, constitute tangible evidence. From […]

Kyrgyzstan Life Expectancy 2021

Kyrgyzstan History

The area that today constitutes Kyrgyzstan has been controlled by various Central Asian ethnic groups due to the large migrations in Central Asia in ancient times. The Kyrgyz are believed to have come to the Tian Shan Mountains from areas further north around 200 BCE. In the 18th century, the Russians began to move further […]

Lebanon Life Expectancy 2021

Lebanon History

Prehistory Lebanon’s prehistory runs partly parallel to that of present-day Israel. Tool finds indicate that humans (Homo erectus) have been living in the area already about 1.5 million years ago. From the younger Stone Age (c. 8300-4800 BC), settlements are located near Byblos. Although the Lebanese coast lacks natural ports, the coastal cities of Byblos […]

Malaysia Life Expectancy 2021

Malaysia History

The Malay Peninsula has been populated since about 4000 BCE, possibly earlier. From the 16th century, the peninsula was conquered by Europeans, first Portuguese, then Dutch and British. Malaya declared independence in 1957. In 1963 the territories of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak were included, and the country changed its name to Malaysia. In 1965, Singapore […]

Maldives Life Expectancy 2021

Maldives History

Prehistory When and from which the Maldives were first populated is still unclear, but the islands were probably known and inhabited by seafarers from India and Sri Lanka at least from the middle of the first millennium BC. The even earlier dates proposed by Thor Heyerdahl after exposing extensive remnants from the pre-Islamic period in […]

Mongolia Life Expectancy 2021

Mongolia History

Mongolia’s history begins with the Mongol Kingdom in the Middle Ages. This kingdom was conquered by China in the late 1300s. Mongolia was under Chinese rule until the early 1900s, but Russian influence also prevailed. In 1911, Outer Mongolia declared itself independent after contact with St. Petersburg. Inner Mongolia remained part of China. However, Russia […]

Myanmar Life Expectancy 2021

Myanmar History

Myanmar’s history can be said to begin when Burmese immigrated from the north and founded the capital Pagan (Bagan) in 849. Buddhism and Hinduism became dominant religions. In the 1000s, the country was united into one kingdom. Mongols briefly conquered Pagan in 1287 and the country was dissolved into smaller kingdoms. In the 16th century, […]

Nepal Life Expectancy 2021

Nepal History

Prehistory Surrounded by India and Tibet, Nepal has been isolated but also a connecting link for trade across the Himalayas. That Nepal had an early settlement is evident from the finds of stone implements. Historically, the Liccha Empire is from the 400th to the 700s. History Nepal, until 2008 the world’s only Hindu kingdom, was […]

Oman Life Expectancy 2021

Oman History

Prehistory Oman has often been considered to be identical to the land of Magan, which is mentioned in Sumerian texts from the 21st century BC. From this time, settlements based on fishing, agriculture and trade are occupied. From the 300s BC belonged to the Hadramawt area. During the 20th century AD came the supremacy to […]

Pakistan Life Expectancy 2021

Pakistan History

The areas of the Indian subcontinent gathered in the state of Pakistan have their individual history long before Islam. Excavations at Kot Diji east of Indus, not far from Mohenjo-Daro, and at Amri a little further south show traces of a Bronze Age culture from about 3300 BCE. Findings from Baluchistan and from the Soan […]

Philippines Life Expectancy 2021

Philippines History

The guerilla shoots itself in the foot The guerrillas, the Communist Party and the popular organizations reached a climax in their organizational development in the mid-to-late 1980s, but made a number of mistakes that came at a very high cost. The first serious mistake was not to support the popular revolt against Marcos in 1986. […]

Qatar Life Expectancy 2021

Qatar History

Prehistory Traces of settlements in the Qatar Peninsula date back to Paleolithic and Neolithic times. A larger find of stone implements dates to about 4000 BC. From the third millennium BC there are a large number of burial sites similar to those in Bahrain. However, Qatar seems to have remained more isolated than Bahrain due […]