Nepal Tourist Information

By | March 18, 2022

Nepal is an incredibly interesting and beautiful country that more and more Ukrainians want to visit every year! Tours to Nepal are suitable for those who want to go on an unusual journey.

After all, here you will be met by very unusual combinations of recreation: the program of tours combines excursions to unique ancient temples and palaces with extreme descents along mountain rivers and safaris, acquaintance with the traditions of local residents and mountain walks to amazing lakes. Of course, this is not the whole rich program. Simply put, a holiday in Nepal is an unusual, bright and unforgettable trip!

And if you are already planning dates for a trip to Nepal, read the information that will come in handy during the tour.

Nepal: location. According to thesciencetutor, the tiny Asian country of Nepal is located near the Himalayan mountains, and its neighbors are the giant country of India, in the south, and Tibet, with which Nepal borders in the north.

Nepal: capital. Most tours to Nepal involve visiting the capital of the country – Kathmandu. And this is not surprising, because there is something to see here! At a minimum, tourists will be interested in about a dozen ancient, unique and original temples. Including the stupas of Kathmandu – Swayambhunath (also popular under the name “Monkey Temple”) and Budnat, which is actually the Buddhist center of the country.

Nepal: language. The official language of the country is Nepali. English is known mainly by staff in cafes and hotels, as well as city dwellers, although not all. But as for the small villages, which are also visited during the tours, the local population practically does not speak English. Therefore, it is best to visit such places with a guide (there are Russian-speaking guides among them).

Nepal: visa. If you have planned a tourist visit to Nepal lasting no more than 60 days, then it will be enough for you to purchase a visa upon arrival at the capital’s airport. It costs only $30.

Nepal: features of customs control. If you have more than $ 5,000 in cash with you at the entrance, then at customs control, most likely, you will need to declare it. In addition, the customs regulations of Nepal, like almost all other countries in the world, prohibit the import of drugs, weapons and military equipment, as well as explosives. Import restrictions apply to alcoholic and tobacco products: up to 1.5 liters of alcohol; up to 100 cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco (optional, not all tobacco products at once); no more than 5 pieces of jewelry per person.

Nepal: climate and seasonality. For tourists , the climate of Nepal will be quite comfortable. In the capital of the country, in the spring and autumn months of the year, temperatures from +24 to +27 degrees await you (the best option for traveling). In winter in Nepal, about +19, and in summer an average of +28. It is also worth considering that in the winter months of the year, despite the high daytime temperature, the thermometer drops at night and on average +3 degrees can be expected, and in March and November it is also a little +7 at night. Therefore, it is better to take warm clothes with you at this time of the year.

Nepal: time. The difference between Kiev time and local time is + 3 hours 45 minutes in winter and spring, in the summer-autumn season the difference is +2 hours 45 minutes.

Nepal: currency. The official currency here is the Nepalese rupee. For $ 1 on the spot you can buy about 105-108 Nepalese rupees.

Nepal: tips. Leave a tip in a Nepalese establishment or a taxi or not – you decide for yourself. On average, if you liked the service, it is quite possible to leave about 5-10% in excess of the check amount.

Nepal: phone. In mountainous areas, you can’t really count on mobile communications, but in the capital everything works fine, so it would be best to purchase a SIM card. Given that Nepal has a GSM-900 network, you will most likely have to buy the cheapest local phone or rent it, since our phones are (in most cases) oriented to the GSM network.

To call from a local landline or mobile phone to Ukraine, you need to dial the combination 00-38 and the area code. For example, to call Kyiv, dial 00-38-044 (or operator code). To call the police, you need to dial the number 100/110/120/130, the tourist police – 220-18.

Nepal: electrical network. In Nepal, the mains voltage is 230V. Regarding the types of sockets, the most popular are those with two (as in Ukraine) and three round holes. Therefore, most likely, you will not need any adapters.

Nepal: dress etiquette. There are no rules and strict requirements for the clothing of tourists in Nepal.

Nepal: official holidays. Of the public holidays, Republic Day, which falls on May 28, and Constitution Day on November 9, are popular. Most of the other holidays are days dedicated to one or another deity. The New Year in Nepal falls in mid-April and is celebrated with bright and interesting mass traditional rites.

Nepal Tourist Information