Bagan, Myanmar Transportation

By | August 13, 2021

Bagan: Arrival and Transport


According to homosociety, traffic information in Myanmar is often subject to change. Information that is still up-to-date today can be completely out of date tomorrow. It is therefore advisable to contact Myanmar Travels beforehand:

Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board c / o Traders Hotel, Level 3, Business Center, 223 Sule Pagoda Road MM-Yangon Telephone: 0095 – (0) 1 – 24 28 28 ext. 64 62 Email: [email protected]

Myanmar Travels and Tours (MTT) 77-91 Sule Pagoda RoadMM-YangonTelephone: 0095 – (0) 1 – 275 328Email: [email protected]/mtt

In order to avoid trouble with the police or even the courts, one should strictly adhere to the traffic regulations in force in the country. Regardless of the information given here, it is advisable to obtain detailed information from the ADAC, the AvD or the traffic clubs in Myanmar

Other rules
In the whole country only rental cars with chauffeur can be rented. Foreigners are prohibited from driving their own car in Myanmar.


Nyaung U Airport (also Nyaung Oo Airport or Bagan-Nyaung Oo Airport)
This airport is the main gateway to the historic city of Bagan and the surrounding area. It belongs to the place Nyaung U, which is at the northern end of the temple area. The following airlines connect the airport with the following destinations:

Air Bagan – Mandalay & Yangon
Air Mandalay – Heho, Mandalay, Thandwe & Yangon
Myanmar Airways – Heho & Yangon
Yangon Airways – Heho, Mandalay & Yangon

Due to the tourist attraction, flights to / from Nyaung U are quickly booked out. It is advisable to reserve in good time! From the airport you can get to Bagan quickly and cheaply by taxi.

You should pay attention to the safety instructions of the Federal Foreign Office regarding the airlines :


Trains run between Mandalay and Yangon in between 12 and 14 hours. This service is offered by “Myanmar Railways”. To continue to Bagan, you have to get off in Thazi and cover the rest of the way by bus or a pick-up. It is more comfortable on the direct routes Yangon – Bagan or Mandalay – Bagan.
Western tourists should travel first class for train journeys. There is usually a sleeping car on night trains. The tickets for the trains must be issued by “Myanmar Travels and Tours”. It is advisable to book 24 hours in advance. More information at:


In addition to the technically poor state-owned buses, there are also the more comfortable (partly air-conditioned) buses operated by private bus companies. There are connections between Bagan (or Nyuang U etc.) and Yangon (16h), Mandalay (9h), Thazi (31/2h), Pyay (10h), Taunggyi (12h) and Magway (7h).


From Nyaung U Airport, you can get to Bagan quickly and cheaply by taxi. You can also get from Yangon to Bagan.

Ship and boats

The approximately 11-hour boat trip between Mandalay and Pyay – with a stop in Bagan – is highly recommended, even if there are often delays. Such tours are organized by local travel agencies and by Orient-Express Trains & Cruises. Information is available at In Old Bagan you can rent small boats at the pier.

Horse-drawn carriages

It is very atmospheric to be driven through the ruins in a horse-drawn carriage. These carriages can be rented either by the hour or by the day and for individual routes. You are not allowed to drive it yourself, you need a driver. Both together cost about US $ 5 per day. They are available from Nyaung U’s boat jetty and almost all hotels in the area.


The area of ​​the historic city of Bagan can best be explored individually by bike, even if inexperienced riders often struggle with the sandy paths and the sometimes “deadly” heat. The best time to visit is around 8 a.m. because the weather is mild and the temple complex is almost deserted. Bicycles can be rented in every hotel.

Bagan, Myanmar Transportation

Bagan: excursions in the area

A visit to the above-mentioned countries must be planned and prepared at home, as, for example, questions about passports need to be settled. In addition, considering the considerable distances involved, you should plan to travel by plane.

Visiting China is of course a long journey in its own right. The border with China is around 500 km northeast of Bagan.
The country covers an area of ​​9,597,995 km² with around 1.4 billion residents. The capital Beijing (Beijing) has around 7.5 million residents and 15 million in the entire administrative area.

The Laos border is around 600 km from Bagan as the crow flies. Laos covers 236,800 km² with around 6.7 million residents. The main city is Vientiane with an estimated 350,000 residents – in the metropolitan area 800,000.


Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia. The border with Thailand is around 390 km southeast of Bagan.
Thailand covers an area of ​​513,115 km² with around 69.5 million residents. The capital of the country is Bangkok, with a population of around 12 million.

Rangoon (Yangon) was the capital of Myanmar until 2005. Yangon has around 4.1 million residents and is particularly known for its numerous magnificent pagodas.
The city is located around 460 km south of Bagan.