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The warm sun and good sandy beaches attract tourists to Alanya.

Flights and package tours

Alanya is a standard destination for many travel agents, but in addition to traditional package tours, there are only flights. Many travel to Alanya from Antalya Airport, located about 130 kilometers from Alanya. Alanya’s own airport, Gazipasa Airport, is located about 40 km from the city center.

Several airlines have regular flights to Antalya. Flight prices usually start at € 200-400. The time of travel is directly reflected in the prices of the trips. Out of season, a traveler may have to fly to Alanya via a few stopovers.

Alanya is one of the typical sudden departures of Finns : a package trip can be obtained at a considerable price at the last minute compared to flight prices alone.

Accommodation for every budget

Alanya’s hotel offer is diverse. As a popular travel destination, the city offers a wide range of hotel options from traditional family and holiday hotels to more affordable accommodation. There are also several all-inclusive hotels around the city.

Most of the hotels are quite centrally located near the beach, but even a little further afield the hotels are within walking distance of the beach and the center.

Affordable public transport

In intra-city traffic, you can travel, for example, by dolmus and taxi. Dolmus, or the local minibus, is a really affordable way to move from place to place. There are also low-cost bus connections from Alanya to several other destinations in Turkey.

At Dolmus, the trip costs less than a euro and it is recommended to book a flat fee for it. You can get out of the bus in addition to the actual bus stops, actually anywhere, as long as you whip up the driver’s desire to jump off the ride. Old dolmus buses have been replaced by more modern buses.

Getting around by taxi is inexpensive and there are a lot of taxi stations and call buttons. It is always a good idea to check that the driver is putting the meter on. This will avoid the nasty scam attempts that sometimes happen.



The Red Tower is a classic attraction in Alanya. There is also a small beach next to the tower, which is mainly popular with locals.

Experiences around Alanya

There are many guided tours around Alanya, and good destinations include the Taurus Mountains to the north of the city and the Pamukkale Cliffs. In Manavgat National Park, you can enjoy abseiling and gorge hiking , for example . It is also possible to leave Alanya for several hours on an ATV safari.

The Turkish bath, Hamam , with exfoliation, washing and massage , is a relaxing start to a sun holiday. There are plenty of hammams all over Alanya .

Nightlife in the harbor

When it gets dark, the city’s harbor area is teeming with life. The harbor also has plenty of smaller cups as well as Turkish and international food.

In port restaurants, prices are often higher than when going a little further from the center. When looking for a place to eat, you should ask your locals for restaurant recommendations.

Stunning views from Kale Hill

An absolute excursion destination for visitors to Alanya is the hill between the beaches, with the magnificent view of the sea and the city from the Kale fortress at the top.

A winding road leads to the fortress, along which there are small cafes and shops as well as local life. You can also get up by dolmus bus.

Culture and architecture

For the culture-hungry Alanya, the most interesting places to visit are the Archaeological Museum, the Ataturk House and the Damlatas Stalactite Cave.

The port is one of the most famous places to visit in Alanya. The octagonal Red Tower in the harbor, at the foot of the fortress hill, is a familiar attraction from the photographs.

Excursions to the sea and mountains

On the seafront promenade, you can negotiate a cruise ticket for yourself at an affordable price. A day trip by sea is a great way to explore the caves along the coast. Several sea voyages also offer the wildest the opportunity to jump into the sea from a cliff more than ten meters high.

Excursions to the Taurus Mountains are organized by local travel agencies. In the mountain villages you can get acquainted with the nomadic life as well as the cultivation of tobacco and cotton. In the Taurus Mountains, it is worth visiting above all to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pamukkale with its magnificent waterfalls and bathing pools.

For those who want to escape the sun’s roast, a good excursion destination is the Dim River, which flows through the mountains, along which several restaurants have been built, where they eat while sitting in the canopies built on top of the pontoons. The water of the river is refreshingly cold and many locals are also fleeing the heat to the coolness of Dimcay.