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Georgia Travel Tips

The Russian language has a rather limited use. He is remembered mainly only by people over the age of 30, and even then only in the central regions. It is almost impossible to find a person who speaks fluent Russian in the mountains. According to COMPUTERDO, the Georgian language belongs to a separate Kartvelian group,… Read More »

Tour of Georgia

More and more travelers have begun to discover the beautiful Georgia and all that this fascinating country in the exotic Caucasus has to offer. Here you will find wonderful mountain landscapes with snow-capped peaks and a cultural environment strongly influenced by the Georgian Orthodox Church. Georgia was formerly a Soviet republic but has since independence… Read More »

Georgia History

Prehistory Several finds of early individuals of the genus Homohas been made in Georgia. The Paleolithic (older Stone Age) is well known through numerous surveys of cave settlements and open settlements. The Late Paleolithic (c. 40,000-9000 BC) is particularly well represented in the western part of the country. Mesolithic settlement can also be occupied in… Read More »