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What to See in Japan

Yokohama, Honshu island (Japan) According to RCTOYSADVICE, Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan and is located only thirty kilometers southwest of Tokyo. It is the largest Japanese port and the capital of foreign trade. Its distinctive features are the architecture of the “22nd century” and the frantic, even by Japanese standards, rhythm of… Read More »

Tours to Japan

Tours to Japan is a fascinating journey to the country of Fuji and sakura, origami and bonsai, acquaintance with the original culture of geishas and samurai, as well as much and much more. Holidays in Japan are like this bright and unusual country: a mixture of styles in architecture, amazing historical and cultural sights, cities… Read More »

Japan History

Japan is a country located in East Asia, bordered by Russia, North Korea and South Korea. According to homosociety, it has a population of over 126 million people and an area of 377 thousand square kilometers. The capital city is Tokyo while other major cities include Osaka, Kyoto and Yokohama. The official language is Japanese… Read More »