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Vietnam Political Systems and Social Conditions

Vietnam’s struggle for independence began in the mid-19th century when French colonizers attempted to control the country. After a series of military defeats, the French were eventually forced to grant Vietnam independence in 1954 with the Geneva Accords. This agreement created two separate countries, North Vietnam and South Vietnam, and divided them at the 17th… Read More »

Vietnam and Cambodia

During our journey we travel along the classic route from north to south. We start in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi with its wide boulevards lined with beautiful French colonial-style houses and then continue to the enchanting Halong Bay with its archipelago of sugar-top-shaped limestone formations. In central Vietnam, we visit the ancient capital of Hue… Read More »

Vietnam History

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation located on the eastern coast of the continent, bordered by China, Laos and Cambodia. According to homosociety, it has an area of 331,210 square kilometers and a population of approximately 97 million people. The capital city is Hanoi and the official language is Vietnamese though English is also widely… Read More »