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By | March 25, 2022

Tours to Laos is an exciting journey to the most mysterious country in Southeast Asia. Holidays in Laos became available to tourists from Moscow and other regions less than ten years ago, and over the years the beautiful country has become more and more attractive and no less mysterious.

The climate in this amazing country has three pronounced seasonal patterns and an experienced tour operator in Laos, recommends travelers to book tours during the period November-February to visit the country during the cool period and in March-April to enjoy the hot fragrant air.

What is Laos? Laos is the capital of Vientiane with many attractions on the proud Mekong River, this is the provincial Savannakhet or “Southern Luang Prabang”, this is the ancient capital city of Luang Prabang, this is the Jah Valley and Champasak, this is the Bolaven Plateau and the Annamite mountain ranges. And, of course, the most luxurious beaches, restaurants with national dishes based on a mixture of Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine, comfortable hotels with a consistently high level of service and polite staff. Laos is a country of magnificent beach holidays, ancient sights, a riot of flora and mysterious fauna, and the most charming smiles of local residents.

Currency: The national currency of Laos is the kip.

Language: Lao

Capital: Vientiane

Laos is the most mysterious country of the three former French colonies of Indochina. The former name of Laos – Lan Xang – means “Kingdom of a Million Elephants”, which is why today Laos is called the land of elephants and smiles. Striking with its natural beauty, centuries-old history and strong spiritual traditions, Laos remains a real “pearl” of Southeast Asia.

Traveling to Laos is a unique opportunity to discover many new, interesting and unexpected things, get to know a completely different culture and traditions, visit unique historical sights, see ancient architectural monuments, and admire untouched natural beauty.

Laoshas no access to the sea, which, however, does not reduce the interest of Western tourists in this country. Until 1988, Laos was closed to foreigners; long isolation has contributed to the fact that today you can see the traditional life of the Southeast in its almost “untouched form”, as if to travel back in time many years ago. Mountain villages still preserve the traditional subsistence economy, and the largest cities of the country – Vientiane and Luang Prabang amaze with their leisurely lifestyle and provincial charm. Many stunning temples, each of which is distinguished by its unique beauty, a harmonious combination of Lao architectural traditions and French colonial style, lively and colorful markets, strings of Buddhist monks in colorful clothes, leisurely strolling through the streets – all this forms the unique look of Lao cities. Time flows slowly in Laos, the measured and calm lifestyle of the local population sets you up for a relaxing, spiritual and contemplative vacation.

Laos is considered the cleanest ecological zone in Southeast Asia and is famous for its virgin nature, beautiful landscapes, an amazing combination of rocky mountains, picturesque rivers and impenetrable jungles, magical beauty of waterfalls, tropical forests inhabited by exotic inhabitants. The country has 17 nature reserves and nature protection zones scattered throughout almost the entire territory of the country.

Fans of ecological, educational and extreme tourism will find many interesting ways to spend time in Laos: rafting and kayaking on full-flowing rivers, trekking in the mountains and villages of numerous ethnic minorities, cycling in the picturesque surroundings, rock climbing, exploring caves, riding elephants in the jungle. This country is a real find for adventure lovers.

Despite the true tradition of Laos, the attitude to the tourism industry is very serious here, although there are really few tourists, which gives this country a special charm and attractiveness. In the tourist centers of the country – Luang Prabang and Vientiane – hotels of various levels are glad to welcome guests – from economical to high-class luxury hotels. Restaurants of traditional Laotian and Thai, as well as international cuisine with a strong influence of French culinary traditions, open their doors to their visitors every day. The service, although it seems a bit slow, which fully reflects the mentality of the local population, is in fact distinguished by amazing responsiveness, attentiveness and courtesy. The inhabitants of Laos are extremely hospitable and friendly, and smiles and peace reign around.

Fans of unusual shopping will find many interesting handicrafts in Laos at very reasonable prices. These are various souvenirs made of wood, leather, carving, natural silk, embroidery, wicker furniture, silver, traditional clothes and much more.

A trip to Laos will be one of the brightest tourist experiences, it will not disappoint and impress even the most sophisticated traveler. This country, which is impossible not to fall in love at first sight. It should be noted that Laos is perfect for visiting as part of a combined tour with other countries – for example, with Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, which will add a special flavor to the trip, make it even more diverse and unforgettable.


The official capital of Laos has the same calmness and slowness as the whole country. This city is just an island in a sea of ​​mountains that form a dense wall just 80 kilometers to the north. Located on the banks of the full-flowing Mekong among gray sand dunes, it is the best place to start a journey there, both water and land. But first you should admire the unusual combination of French architecture with gilded Buddhist temples, go to the national museum or climb the Arc de Triomphe – the main local attraction. By the way, in translation, Vientiane means “sandalwood” or “fragrant city”, and this is close to the truth, because the abundance of unusual smells excites the imagination. It will blow incense from the temple, then healing essential oils from the spa, but most often the attention of tourists is attracted by the variety of aromas, coming from restaurants. Most cafes are located on the waterfront, some of them are right above the water. So you can combine the pleasant with the even more pleasant – to contemplate the sunset on the river, enjoying the freshest fish and Lao beer. And in the course of the evening, go boating, detachedly watching the evening life on the shore.

Visa to Laos

Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa to enter for up to 15 days.



From the age of 14, children must have their own passports.
If a child under 18 travels with one of the parents, the parent must have the child’s birth certificate and internal Russian passports.
If a child under 18 travels with one of the parents and has a different surname, it is obligatory to have permission to leave from the second parent or a document confirming his absence, a birth certificate of the child and an internal Russian passport.
If a child under the age of 18 travels alone, then they must have permission to leave from both parents.
Consent to the departure of children are issued in notaries at the place of residence. Please note that some consular services require original consents when issuing visas and they are not returned. In this case, it is better to immediately draw up two consent forms for the departure of the child.

Laos Description