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Bagan, Myanmar Transportation

Bagan: Arrival and Transport General According to homosociety, traffic information in Myanmar is often subject to change. Information that is still up-to-date today can be completely out of date tomorrow. It is therefore advisable to contact Myanmar Travels beforehand: Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board c / o Traders Hotel, Level 3, Business Center, 223 Sule Pagoda… Read More »

Best time to visit Myanmar

Myanmar , also known as Burma or Burma , has not long been on travelers’ radar. But interest is increasing and the number of tourists is getting higher and higher. No wonder, because the Southeast Asian country with borders to Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, India, China and the Bay of Bengal has a lot to offer.… Read More »

Myanmar History

Myanmar’s history can be said to begin when Burmese immigrated from the north and founded the capital Pagan (Bagan) in 849. Buddhism and Hinduism became dominant religions. In the 1000s, the country was united into one kingdom. Mongols briefly conquered Pagan in 1287 and the country was dissolved into smaller kingdoms. In the 16th century,… Read More »