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Saint Barthelemy (France) Overview

Saint Barthelemy (Saint-Barthélemy in French; also St Barth) is an island in the Caribbean Sea 175 km north of the Guadeloupe archipelago (17 ° 54 ′ North 62 ° 50 ′ West). Administratively is a commune of Guadalupe, although the 6 of Decemberof 2003 residents voted to become a separate territory of Guadeloupe, near the French side of St. Martin. Its surface area is 25,500 ha… Read More »

Paris, France History

Antiquity: under the sign of the Gauls Although the site of Paris has been occupied by man since 5000 BC. n. and., the history of the city really begins to be written in 250 a. n. and.. At that time, the Gallic tribe of the Parisii decided to settle on the current Ile de la Cité, a strategic point… Read More »

Paris, France Culture

In 2015, the city of Paris – within the administrative limits – had an estimated population of 2.19 million residents.However, during the 20th century, the Paris metropolitan area expanded beyond the limits of the commune, and It became the second largest in Europe: in 2013 it had an estimated population of 10.6 million. The Paris region (Ile… Read More »

Travel to Beautiful Cities in France

Here you will find study trips and round trips through the metropolises of France Paris Paris – a unique city for a unique city break! Look forward to this study trip to the impressive city of Paris, the capital of France. Visit a variety of ecclesiastical and secular buildings, streets, squares, parks, museums, theaters and… Read More »

France History

France’s history dates from the Roman conquests of the 100th century before our time. The present France is equivalent to most of the ancient Gallia Transalpina, which was divided into the Belgian to the north, the Celtic to the middle (around Seine and Loire) and Aquitania to the south (between Garonne and the Pyrenees). In… Read More »