Liverpool Attractions

Liverpool Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Liverpool Do you want an overview map of Liverpool with all the attractions? Click here for Map Liverpool! Anglican Cathedral This huge red sandstone cathedral, actually called the Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool, is the world’s second largest Anglican cathedral. The foundation stone was laid down by King Edward VII in 1904, […]

Information about Mauritius

Information about Mauritius

Mauritius is a true paradise island where the balance between white sandy beaches, deep blue lagoons, beautiful mountains, Hindu temples, Indian markets and exciting excursions provide perfect conditions for a relaxing and exciting journey. Visit for versatile Mauritius. On this page you will find practical information and facts about Mauritius. PRACTICAL INFORMATION ABOUT TRAVELING IN […]

Central African Republic History

Central African Republic History

The Central African Republic, formerly a French colony with the name of Oubangui-Chari, inhabited by pygmies, was populated by other ethnic groups, pursued by religious conquerors (such as Usman dan Fodio in the early 1800s) or by adventurers and slavers (such as Rabah towards the end of the 19th century), perhaps only at the beginning […]

Cairo, Egypt
Africa Middle East

Cities and Regions in Egypt

Egypt is divided into 27 governorates of very different sizes, each ruled by a governor with the rank of minister. While the desert areas are administered in large-scale governorates such as the Al-Wadi al-dschadid district with an area of 376,000 km², the densely populated areas on the Nile are divided into much smaller government districts, […]

Nigeria Decolonization

Africa History

Decolonization The controlled decolonization of Africa began only after World War II. One of the foundations was that the education system was greatly improved after 1945. Then more and more Africans received higher education in Europe, especially in the UK and France, partly in Portugal and some in the USA. After 1945, many soldiers, who […]

Togo Life Expectancy 2021

Togo History

History In the centuries leading up to the middle of the 19th century, Togo was at the intersection of rival influences from the powerful Ashanti kingdom in the west and Dahomey (now Benin) in the east. In the 1840s, German missionaries arrived in the area and later also merchants. In 1884, German explorer Gustav Nachtigal, […]

Algeria Life Expectancy 2021

Algeria History

In the April 2004 election, Abdelaziz Bouteflika was re-elected with 84% of the vote – according to the report. the official statements. His main counterpart, former Prime Minister Ali Benflis gained 8% and called the election a massive electoral fraud. Benflis and his supporters rejected the election result and filed a complaint with the Algerian […]

Angola Life Expectancy 2021

Angola History

See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Angola. Angolan refugees began returning in June from refugee camps in Zambia. Acc. organization is expected to return another 50,000 refugees in the course of 2004. The refugee organization acknowledged that repatriation was a major challenge, because the roads between the two countries were in […]

Benin Life Expectancy 2021

Benin History

History The country was named from the 17th century until 1975 Dahomey. Benin is not to be confused with the older kingdom of the same name in present Nigeria (see Benin Kingdom). Abomey, the former capital of Dahomey, became the center towards the end of the 17th century in a powerful state formation, which had […]

Botswana Life Expectancy 2021

Botswana History

Thanks to tourism and the export of diamonds, which made Botswana the second largest exporter in the world after Russia in the 1990s, the country achieved a surplus of state finances which, after all, could not solve the most pressing of the population’s problems. In 1998, 30% of the adult population was HIV positive. In […]

Burkina Faso Life Expectancy 2021

Burkina Faso History

History In the 15th century, a number of mossy and Gurmarian riches emerged in the eastern and central parts of the present Burkina Faso, including Yatenga and Ouagadougou. These kingdoms resisted the pressure of the West Sudanese great powers Mali and Songhai, and lasted until the 1870s, when the European colonial conquest took place. France […]

Burundi Life Expectancy 2021

Burundi History

Burundi is one of Africa’s poorest and most densely populated areas. As if that were not plentiful, the country has been ravaged over the past 5 centuries by ethnic and economic conflicts between the Hutus and the Tutsi. Since the 15th century, there have been at least 5 comprehensive genocides that have alternately gone beyond […]

Cabo Verde Life Expectancy 2021

Cabo Verde History

History The archipelago was uninhabited when it was discovered by the Portuguese in 1460. In 1462, the Portuguese settled on the island of São Tiago and founded the city of Ribeira Grande (not to be confused with the modern city of the same name, on Santo Antão). The slave trade gave the city prosperity, but […]

Cameroon Life Expectancy 2021

Cameroon History

In January 1993, Finance Minister Antoine Ntsimi introduced reductions in salaries of public servants of between 4 and 20%, which, as he put it, avoided layoffs of 50,000 employees. See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Cameroon. France decreases one-third of Cameroon’s exports. This dependence led to opposition concerns about any boycott […]

Central African Republic Life Expectancy 2021

Central African Republic History

The first round of presidential elections was conducted on August 11, 1993, but once again the result was canceled by Kolingba by decree. That made France threaten to suspend its economic and military aid to the country, forcing Kolingba to conduct the second round of the presidential election. On September 1, Kolingba ordered all political […]

Chad Life Expectancy 2021

Chad History

The state of Chad has only existed since the liberation from France in August 1960. However, the territory that constitutes today’s Chad has ancient and proud history of both centralized empires and aphasian groups. Older history The area that constitutes today’s Chad has been inhabited from prehistoric times and played an important role in early […]

Comoros Life Expectancy 2021

Comoros History

History Until the colonial period, the Comoros were not a political unit but consisted of a large number of independent local political units. In the centuries before the French colonization, the Comoros were a southern outpost for Arab merchants, who also introduced Islamic culture and religion to the islands. From the late 18th century the […]

Democratic Republic of the Congo Life Expectancy 2021

Democratic Republic of the Congo History

Prehistory No early human fossils have been found, but stone artefacts from the early Palaeolithic period are known from eastern Congo. Towards the end of the Early Paleolithic, acheulene culture seems to have spread from eastern and southern Africa to the Congo. Findings from the last 10,000 years have also been made, including from specialized […]

Djibouti Life Expectancy 2021

Djibouti History

See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Djibouti. In March 2013, Djibouti and Kosova established diplomatic relations. Djibouti had already recognized Kosova as a state in May 2010. In April 2013, President Guelleh Abdoulkader appointed Kamil Mohamed a new prime minister to replace Dileita who had been in office for 12 years. […]

Dominican Republic Life Expectancy 2021

Dominican Republic History

The eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, which today constitutes the Dominican Republic, has probably been populated since around the year 5,000 before our time. Older history As in the other major islands of the Caribbean, the siboney people probably immigrated from South America and lived by hunting and retreat. Agriculture was later run […]

Egypt Life Expectancy 2021

Egypt History

Prehistory The prehistory of Egypt is linked not only to the Nile but also to the whole of northeastern Africa. Changes in the course of the Nile and of temperature and precipitation, especially at the end of the Pleistocene, resulted in drying of varying degrees, from the highlands of eastern Africa to upper Egypt, with […]

Equatorial Guinea Life Expectancy 2021

Equatorial Guinea History

History Equatorial Guinea’s original pygmy population was partially ousted from the 18th century by the agricultural farming bantu fang and from the 19th century by the bubi people, who then came to the island of Fernando Póo (now Bioko). This island had already been explored by the Portuguese Fernão do Pó in the 1400s. In […]

Swaziland Life Expectancy 2021

Eswatini History

Prehistory The Stone Age can be followed in a bargain sequence from Border Cave. chip blades in the post-acheuléan pietersburg tradition may have been made already some 200,000 years ago. Traces of anatomically modern humans go back about 95,000 years. About 40,000 years ago, microliters were typical tools; from the same time there are traces […]

Ethiopia Life Expectancy 2021

Ethiopia History

1948 Independence again During the ensuing 5 years of occupation, Italy set up various industries, coffee plantations and introduced a racial discrimination system that in many ways resembled apartheid in South Africa. When Mussolini’s dictatorship collapsed, Britain took control of Ethiopia, which in 1948 regained its independence. Haile Selassie returned to the throne, but found […]

Gabon Life Expectancy 2021

Gabon History

The lack of a plan for the holding of elections and agitation among the university students demanding more resources gave rise to further social unrest. The president responded again by closing the university, canceling elections and banning political meetings. The opposition called for a general strike that paralyzed Port Gentil, the center of the oil […]

Gambia Life Expectancy 2021

Gambia History

Prehistory Very little archaeological work has been done in Gambia. In Western Africa, evidence of the finding of such old stone tools as in East Africa has not been accepted (compare Olduvai Gorge), and materials found on the slopes of the Gambia River have recently been reclassified as Neolithic. However, finds of paleolithic artifacts have […]

Ghana Life Expectancy 2021

Ghana History

Exports of cocoa, gold, wood and bauxite have risen, but the fall in cocoa prices on the world market nevertheless cost Ghana 200 million in lost revenue, forcing a host of companies to close. Therefore, at meetings of the Paris Club in January-February 89, new loans totaling $ 900 million were granted to the country. […]

Guinea Life Expectancy 2021

Guinea History

Prehistory Microlithic stone implements are found together with ground axes and ceramics from the 4000s BC. Guinea was probably a major center for the development of food production in West Africa; from the late 4000s, jams and palm oil probably dominated. Along the coast of Guinea, there are also chip tools and kitchen fittings from […]

Guinea-Bissau Life Expectancy 2021

Guinea-Bissau History

During the second round of presidential elections on January 16, 2000, Kumba Yalá of the populist PRS party was elected president with 72% of the vote. During the first round of elections on November 28, the PRS had obtained 38 seats out of Parliament 102, while the Resistencia de Guinea-Bissau-Movimiento Bafatá (Guinea-Bissau Resistance – Movement […]

Kenya Life Expectancy 2021

Kenya History

A report by the British aid organization Oxfam from March 2006 will take the countries of the Horn of Africa – especially Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia – affected by drought up to 15 years to recover if they do not receive emergency relief immediately. In some areas the nomads have lost up to 95% of […]

Lesotho Life Expectancy 2021

Lesotho History

History Lesotho was originally inhabited by the San people until about 1820. Then people came from the north in the people migrations of Bantu people to the south called mfecane (‘the great mess’). Around 1830, King Moshoeshoe united in the Sotho people and founded a kingdom that withstood numerous attacks from neighboring Zulu and Ndebele. […]

Liberia Life Expectancy 2021

Liberia History

In 2009, a special court was established to deal with the numerous rape cases in and around Monrovia. See abbreviationfinder for geography, history, society, politics, and economy of Liberia. Instability in neighboring Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire, 30,000 refugees from Côte d’Ivoire, a steady flow of cross-border weapons and high unemployment contributed in 2010 to social […]

Libya Life Expectancy 2021

Libya History

Prehistory A majority of the archaeological surface finds made within the borders of Libya stem from the rainy periods between 500,000 and 35,000 years ago when the region was populated by paleolithic big game hunters. The latter part of this period belongs to the North African Athenian culture (compare the Aterian). Late Paleolithic in Libya […]

Madagascar Life Expectancy 2021

Madagascar History

Madagascar’s history began when seafarers from Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, came to Madagascar from the 100s onwards. In the 6th century, Arabs began to establish trading stations, and European plundering and piracy began in the 16th century. At the end of the 17th century the French founded trading stations on the east coast. In the […]

Malawi Life Expectancy 2021

Malawi History

Prehistory In northern Malawi, traces of early hominids have been found in lake sediments near Karonga and a paleolithic elephant slaughterhouse is known from Mwanganda. Late Stone Age settlements are covered in caves in the north as well as in the southern highlands. A rich find material derived from agricultural societies from the last two […]

Mali Life Expectancy 2021

Mali History

The area around present-day Mali is one of the most densely populated regions in Africa, as many Stone Age finds tell us. Due to the early trade between West Africa and North Africa, which crossed the Sahara, in this area several state formation occurred even before our time calculation. A series of kingdoms emerged and […]

Mauritania Life Expectancy 2021

Mauritania History

Stone Age finds from both Paleolithic and Neolithic times have been found in the area that makes up today’s Mauritania. Located in the Sahel, between North Africa and sub – Saharan Africa, Mauritania has been inhabited by people from both the south and the north from a historical point of view. The ethnic and cultural […]

Mauritius Life Expectancy 2021

Mauritius History

History Cartographic sources show that Arab mariners were the first visitors to the then unpopulated island of Mauritius sometime before the 16th century. In the 16th century, Portuguese rose. During the 17th century, the Dutch tried to colonize the island without lasting success, called Mauritius after the governor Moritz (Dutch Maurits) of Orange. First with […]

Morocco Life Expectancy 2021

Morocco History

Prehistory At Sidi abd ar-Rahman near Casablanca, wedges were found along with skeletons of the early man Homo erectus; The finds are estimated to be about 200,000 years. About 30,000 years old remains from the atérienne culture (compare the aterian), associated with finds of Neanderthal people, have also been found in Morocco. The modern man […]

Mozambique Life Expectancy 2021

Mozambique History

Prehistory Since 1975, a spectrum of settlements from the acheulé (at Massingir in southwestern Mozambique) to the end of the Stone Age has been covered. Rock paintings from early collector and farmer communities are found, among others. in the mountainous areas along the border with Zimbabwe. From the first century AD the use of iron […]