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By | February 10, 2023

Visa to Mozambique

Russian citizens need a visa to visit Mozambique. In addition, you should purchase travel medical insurance in advance, without which traveling around Africa is simply unreasonable.


The import of foreign currency is not limited, the declaration is required for amounts over 5000 USD. Import and export of national currency is prohibited.

Duty-free import is allowed for persons over 18 years of age: up to 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250 gr. tobacco; wine – up to 2.5 liters, spirits – up to 1 liter, up to 50 ml of perfume or 250 ml of eau de toilette, medicines – within the limits of personal needs, gifts in the amount of not more than 100 USD.

It is forbidden to import drugs, weapons and ammunition, gold, platinum and silver in bars, plates or coins without the permission of the country’s bank, artisanal spirits, as well as photographs, graphics, printed matter and video materials “obscene or directed against the Republic of Mozambique or dignity Mozambican people.” The export of ivory and ivory products is prohibited.

Tourist safety in Mozambique

Despite the fact that the civil war continued in the country for a long time, the people of Mozambique are very friendly and kind to tourists. There is a risk of various types of hepatitis and dysentery in the country, so upon arrival, you must strictly observe the simplest rules of hygiene: do not drink unboiled water and use personal hygiene products. Vaccination is not required, but dengue fever vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis are recommended.

An unusual unit of sappers operates on the territory of Mozambique. African marsupial rats serve in it. Rodents have proven themselves to be courageous trackers in search of mines, shells and other dangerous artifacts from the Civil War.

The country still has a high level of danger of stumbling into minefields. Some of them have warning labels, but most, alas, are not marked. Hence the conclusion: lovers of self-drive tours should use the services of a qualified guide and beaten paths, or even abandon the idea of ​​traveling around the country on their own.

Fishing requires a license, which can be obtained from the Maritime Administration of each specific province.

The country has banned smoking in public places since 2007, but most restaurants and bars simply ignore this law.

Useful numbers

Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique in Moscow: st. Mytnaya, 3; tel.: (495) 786-30-05, 786-30-06

Russian Embassy in Maputo: CP 4666, Av. V. Lenin 2445; tel.: 214-173-72, 214-198-72; Web site

Climate of Mozambique

The climate of Mozambique in the north is close to equatorial (+25…+28 °C), in the south it is tropical trade wind (+20…+22 °C). The wet season lasts from November to April-May. Droughts and destructive tropical cyclones are frequent. See Citypopulationreview for weather information.

The best time to visit the country is from May to November during the cooler and less rainy winter months. You can also travel during the rainy season, but closer to March, some roads are heavily washed out, especially in the center and south of the country. To watch wild animals in Mozambique come in August-September, for birds – from December to April.

Actual information: weather forecast for the main resorts of Mozambique for the coming days.

Hotels in Mozambique

Mozambique has both budget guesthouses and hostels for backpackers, as well as chic hotel complexes that will appeal to even very capricious travelers. However, many hotels in the country have not yet been classified, and some have not even been updated since independence (that is, 20-30 years). At the same time, due to not the largest choice of accommodations, some hotels require 50 USD per night, while services are provided well if at 10. And yet you have to pay, because the hotel fund in the country is still in its infancy. There are hostels and guesthouses for independent travelers with backpacks in Maputo, Tofu, Vilanculos and Pemba.

Electricity 220 V, 50 Hz, European sockets.

Banks, exchange offices and tips

The monetary unit of the country is the Mozambican metical (MZN), in 1 metical there are 100 centavu. Current exchange rate: 1 MZN = 0.9 RUB (1 USD = 63.9 MZN, 1 EUR = 67.22 MZN).

It is better to change money in private exchange offices in Maputo (better rate) or in banks (safer, high commission). You should forget about exchanging money on the street right away – it is extremely unsafe. The use of credit cards and traveler’s checks is difficult throughout the country, and even impossible in the provinces. Banking hours: Mon-Fri 7:30-11:15 and 15:00-16:30.

Almost all shops and souvenir shops are happy to accept not only the national currency, but also US dollars and South African rands (in the south they are especially loved).

In Mozambique, it is customary to tip at a restaurant about 10% of the total order. Porters are given a “tip” of about 0.5 USD per piece of luggage, a driver or guide – 1-2 USD per day.

National parks of Mozambique

The Marine National Park of the Bazaruto Archipelago is located 10 km from the coast, near the resort of Tofu and is famous for its magnificent marine life. Scuba diving and excellent fishing are also possible here.

In addition, trips to the national parks of Gorongosa, Banyin and Zinave are popular.

  • Bazaruto Archipelago


  • Kirimbas Archipelago


  • Gorongosa National Park


Travel to Mozambique