Travel to Spain

By | May 14, 2021

Spain is Sweden’s favorite destination. With more than 2 million trips per year, Spain is by far the most popular destination among Swedes. There are almost twice as many trips made to the neighboring countries Denmark, Finland and Norway. So what is it about Spain that attracts so much? The heat, the rich and multifaceted culture in the big cities of Barcelona and Madrid, the ever-increasing interest in getting your own condo on the Sun Coast or on Mallorca. Travel time is relatively short, flights are cheap, opportunities for swimming, golf and hiking in the beautiful nature, yes, in short, there are many reasons to travel to Spain.

From being associated with a pig feast and sangria in the 1970s, which was reflected in Lasse Ă…berg’s Sällskapsresan, the range of and interest in trips with exercise, exercise and good and healthy food has now increased significantly. The standard of hotels has improved significantly over the last ten years. In 2017, Swedes bought almost 4,000 apartments or houses in Spain, an increase of 8% compared to 2016. This trend continues. For many older people, Spain is the dream country to retire in. Today, 6,400 Swedish pensioners live in Spain, and a Swedish average pension of about SEK 12,000 per month is enough to live well, the cost of living is cheaper in Spain compared to Sweden.

In Spain, there is something for everyone. Families with children who want to swim, socialize, play on the beach and relax in the evenings can choose between charter trips to the Canary Islands in winter and the Spanish sunny coast or Mallorca in spring and autumn.

The physically active have the opportunity to participate in activities such as cycling, hiking, kayaking, diving, jogging. Those interested in golf can get their fill among a plethora of golf courses. Horseback riding in Andalusia is popular with those who can ride. Those interested in sports may find it interesting to watch a football match in one of the world’s best football leagues. If you are lucky and are there when El Classico between Real Madrid and Barcelona is played, you can experience a real height match. Crowded arena and the world’s best football player, a very committed audience and often a pleasant warmth.

According to Hyperrestaurant, Spain also has many beautiful cities to visit. Walking in Barcelona on La Rambla, seeing Gaudi’s architecture and Sagrada La Famiilia attracts many. In Barcelona there is also the opportunity to visit the port and take a swim, visit one of the city’s many museums, or relax with tapas and a glass of wine on an outdoor terrace in the sun. If you have time, you can get from Barcelona to Madrid by train in four hours and do two cultural cities on one and the same trip. But do not forget to give each city the time it deserves, you will get more out of the trip if you have time to see all the sights in peace and quiet and at the same time have time to soak up the atmosphere. Not to forget is Seville which is Spain’s fourth largest city and in addition to having a fantastic climate offers a lot of interesting things to experience.

Palma in Mallorca is not a big city, but it has all the elements needed for you to have fun just as if it were. By renting a car you can easily get around the wonderful island of Mallorca and see different parts, do not miss Cape Formentor and the dragon caves of Porto Cristo.

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