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Cancun Travel Guide

Cancun is a beach and entertainment resort. Cancun is one of Mexico’s most popular resorts for sunbathing and fun. Tourist playground Cancun is a resort town on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, which has grown in a short time into one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. Tourism, which began in the […]

OAS Human Rights
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OAS Human Rights

Human Rights OAS’s work for human rights stands on two legs – the Commission and the Court (see Structure). The Commission monitors respect for human rights in different countries and consists of a group of independent experts. One of the Commission’s most important tasks is to investigate cases where individuals consider that the state has […]

North and Central America
North America

North and Central America

Columbus and North America In 1497/98 the Venetian Caboto reached Newfoundland, Cap Breton Island, the St. Lawrence Gulf as far as the Hudson Estuary; In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon landed in Florida. In 1517, Hernandez de Cordoba researched Yucatán (Mayan culture). The discoveries were followed by conquests, the time of the conquistadors: after exploring […]

Antigua and Barbuda Life Expectancy 2021
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Antigua and Barbuda History

Columbus discovered Antigua, inhabited by Caribbean Indians, in 1493. The island was first colonized after 1632 by Britain. They also colonized Barbuda in the 1660s and 1970s, but ended up in private ownership in 1680. Barbuda returned to the British crown in the late 1800s and could then be united with Antigua. The islands were […]

Bahamas Life Expectancy 2021
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Bahamas History

When Columbus first landed in the New World on October 12, 1492, this happened in the Bahamas. He called the island of San Salvador. The Arawak Indians, who populated the islands, were soon exterminated or deported by the Spaniards. When the islands were laid under the British colony of Carolina in today’s United States in […]

Barbados Life Expectancy 2021
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Barbados History

At the arrival of the Europeans in the early 16th century, the island was inhabited by Arab-speaking Indians, who were evicted by the Spaniards as slaves to Hispaniola (Haiti). In the 1620s, English colonizers settled in Barbados. They built sugar plantations and, as a labor force, imported slaves from Africa. Barbados became a British crown […]

Belize Life Expectancy 2021
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Belize History

Belize was originally part of the area of Mayan culture. The Spanish explored the coast in 1531, but found the area, largely made up of impenetrable jungle, unattractive. British Crown Colony From 1638 British pirates settled, and by using slaves from Jamaica they began the export of Brazilian wood and mahogany. The Spaniards tried several […]

Canada Life Expectancy 2021
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Canada History

Prehistory 20,000 years ago, Canada was completely covered by the ice cap. People have migrated across the Alaska-Siberia land bridge, and they may have continued south through an ice-free corridor in present-day Alberta. Early finds (9500–8000 BC) have been made on the Canadian prairie and as far east as Ontario and New Brunswick. After 8000 […]

Costa Rica Life Expectancy 2021
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Costa Rica History

Prehistory Costa Rica is located both geographically and culturally between the high cultures of Mesoamerica and the Andean region. Traces of Paleo-Indian hunters testify to settlement 9000–7000 BC As in other parts of southern Central America (Lower Central America), the chiefdom of ceramics as well as metal crafts and crafts of stone and gold were […]

Cuba Life Expectancy 2021
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Cuba History

Cuba’s history begins with the European colonization in the 16th century. Prior to this, Cuba was populated by several different groups of American peoples. Three groups of indigenous people lived in Cuba when Kristoffer Columbus arrived in the island in 1492 – siboney, arawak and taino. The Caribbean island was then colonized by Spain and […]

El Salvador Life Expectancy 2021
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El Salvador History

Prehistory El Salvador, together with Honduras, constituted a border area to the south of Mesoamerican high cultures. The development is similar to that of the rest of South Central America, but stone architecture and ceramics in some cases reflect a direct influence of the Olmek and Mayan cultures. To El Salvador and southern Central America, […]

Grenada Life Expectancy 2021
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Grenada History

Grenada was originally inhabited by Arawak Indians, but they were killed or displaced by warrior Caribbean Indians. English merchants tried to found a colony in 1609, but the Indians forced them away from the island. In 1650, the French governor of Martinique, who had bought Grenada, founded a settler estate in Saint George’s. The Empire […]

Guatemala Life Expectancy 2021
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Guatemala History

Guatemala’s history as an independent state spans almost 200 years. In contrast, this has been a conflicted and often bloody story that includes a brutal civil war in the 1980s. Before 1821, the country was part of a European empire. Before 1521, the area was the center of Mayan culture, one of mankind’s oldest state-forming […]

Haiti Life Expectancy 2021
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Haiti History

History The island of Hispaniola was already visited by Columbus on his first voyage in 1492. The first European settlements in the New World were built on the eastern part of the island. However, the western part of the island, today’s Haiti, remained almost deserted until the 17th century. French buccaneers then settled in the […]

Honduras Life Expectancy 2021
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Honduras History

The western part of Honduras was part of the Mayan kingdom that had been destroyed before Kristoffer Columbus arrived on the coast in 1502. One of the best-preserved Mayans, Copán, is in Honduras. The Spaniards found little interest and the indigenous people exercised great resistance until the Lenca chief Lempira was killed and his 30,000 […]

Jamaica Life Expectancy 2021
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Jamaica History

Prehistory As part of the Antilles, Jamaica’s early development is dealt with under the term Central America (Prehistory). History Columbus arrived in Jamaica in 1494, which was then populated by Arawak Indians. The Spanish colonization began in 1509 and led to a strong decimation of the Native American population. Under William Penn’s leadership, the English […]

Mexico Life Expectancy 2021
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Mexico History

The oldest agricultural communities in Latin America have existed in Mexico since 7000 BC. From 1000 BC the olmec culture emphasized itself with a highly developed architecture in central parts of the country. Other civilized cultures were Maya in the Yucatán Peninsula (100-1500 AD), Zapotek (300–900) and Mixtek (1000–1500) in Oaxaca, totonac (600–900), Toltec (900–1200) […]

Nicaragua Life Expectancy 2021
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Nicaragua History

According to archaeological finds, Nicaragua has been inhabited for 20,000-30,000 years. By the end of the 15th century, Nicaragua was populated by many different ethnic groups, and Spanish officials estimated that the population was around 600,000 at the Spanish conquest. Nicaragua was a Spanish colony in the period 1524–1821, and became independent in 1838. The […]

Panama Life Expectancy 2021
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Panama History

Prehistory Findings of fishtail-shaped spearheads testify to the presence of Paleo-Indian hunters about 8000–6000 BC, and kitchen moorings from about 5000 BC. points to the importance of coastal resources. Ceramics are coated from about 2000 BC Between about 1500 and 500 BC established agriculture in Panama; together with trade, it laid the foundation for the […]

Saint Lucia Life Expectancy 2021
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Saint Lucia History

History Probably the first Europeans came to Saint Lucia around 1500. The island was then inhabited by Caribbean Indians. Due to its natural ports and a soil suitable for sugar production, both England and France claimed Saint Lucia in the 17th century. Both countries established settlements on the island, which afterwards changed owners several times […]

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Life Expectancy 2021
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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines History

The islands that today make up Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were populated by Caribbean Indians when Kristoffer Columbus so widely roamed them in 1498. Like the neighboring islands, the indigenous people made great opposition to Europeans trying to settle there, especially British and French. Under British rule In 1787, the British occupied Saint Vincent […]

Trinidad and Tobago Life Expectancy 2021
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Trinidad and Tobago History

Prehistory The Little Antilles were populated from the Orinoco region about 5000 – about 4000 BC. From about 1000 BC created sweat farming (for the cultivation of mainly maniacs), along with hunting and fishing, the foundations for resident villages. Ceramics were introduced at about the time of the birth of Christ, most likely by the […]

United States Life Expectancy 2021
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United States History

North America’s oldest history is particularly linked to the indigenous people who lived on the continent before European colonization. The European conquest began in the 16th century, from Spain, France and England, among others. Of these, England, later the United Kingdom, eventually became the strongest colonial power. The independence of the United States as a […]

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Saint Kitts and Nevis History

The two islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis were Britain’s first foothold in the West Indies, colonized in 1623. In 1624, the French also settled, and the ensuing fighting led to a decline in the indigenous Caribbean population. From the 18th century the islands have been British. Independence In 1967, Saint Kitts and Nevis gained […]

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Greenland History

Prehistory Greenland has been in waves populated by small groups of people migrating across the sea ice from Alaska and northern Canada. Through tools and housing finds, it has been possible to distinguish several cultural forms, which have been named after the finds. Independence I (ca. 2500 BC – about 2000 BC), which found in […]

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Dominica History

History Columbus discovered Dominica in 1493; it happened on a sunday (latin dominica), and hence came the name dominica. The hard-to-reach and mountainous island, then populated by caribou, was only formally owned by the Spaniards. French pirates used Dominica as a base during the 17th century. During the 18th century, France and Britain disputed the […]