Cancun Travel Guide

By | March 26, 2021

Cancun is a beach and entertainment resort. Cancun is one of Mexico’s most popular resorts for sunbathing and fun.


Tourist playground

Cancun is a resort town on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, which has grown in a short time into one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. Tourism, which began in the 1970s, has made Cancun a city of nearly a million inhabitants with hotels, theme parks, nightclubs and shopping malls.

Cancun is a full-blooded resort that proudly has exactly what it is: beaches, entertainment and fun. Authentic Mexican culture is not worth looking for.

However, Cancun offers a great base for the holidaymaker, as the city offers excursions to the peaceful island of Isla de Mujeres or the Mayan ruins to Tulum and Chichen Itza. The island of Cozumel, on the other hand, has an excellent diving setting.

Enough hobby opportunities

Located on the Caribbean coast, Cancun is primarily known for its stunning white sand beaches – a variety of water sports are also popular in Cancun. Activities in the area include diving, snorkelling, fishing, surfing and sailing. You can also go swimming with dolphins.

Cancun also has great opportunities to play golf – there are up to 13 courses in the area. Greens can be found both in the resort’s hotel areas and next to historic ruins and suburbs.

In addition to the more domestic species, Cancun is known for revelry like bungee jumping and cable cars. If the numerous activities become exhausting, you can end the day by relaxing in the various spa treatments found in almost all the larger hotels.

Enough hobby opportunities

Through shopping malls nightlife

Cancun has good shopping opportunities, with local products as well as international chains and luxury brands represented. The city’s largest shopping malls include Plaza las Americas, Plaza Kukulcan and La Isla.

Popular gifts from Mexico include local jewelry, handicrafts and pottery. For many travelers, a sombrero hat and a bottle of tequila also slip into the bag. In Cancun’s American-style malls, prices are fixed, but in the market, a matter-of-fact bargain is in the spirit of the game.

After a shopping trip, it’s nice to leave Cancun for the night in new pulls. The city is full of bars, discos and nightclubs with a suitable option for every taste. In the spring, Cancun is especially known as a spring break party destination for American students.

One of the most important celebrations of the year in Cancun is the Quintana Roo Carnival, held in February.

Good to know about Cancun

Cancun is a great destination for a beach vacationer who also misses the nightlife, shopping and activities on their trip. If excessive exoticism is frightening, it’s easy to start a long-distance trip from Cancun – the destination feels almost like the United States instead of Mexico.

Fast-paced Cancun is also a great option for families with school-age children. There is plenty of entertainment in the resort, from cinemas to boat trips, diving trips and swimming trips with dolphins.

The best time to travel to Cancun is the winter season, when hurricane season is over. However, it is also the busiest tourist season in Cancun, so be prepared to share the beach with other tourists.

Cancun is a safe resort, however, lurking in the pitfalls of major tourist cities: pickpocketing and scams are the most common plagues plaguing tourists.



The easiest way to get there

During the winter months, several Finnish tour operators offer package tours to Cancun. This is the easiest way to vacation in Mexico, as a vacation flight takes you directly to your destination.

Self-employed travelers can inquire about holiday flights from tour operators or book scheduled flights via a stopover. Round-trip scheduled flights to Cancun cost about 1,000 euros.

Hotels from side to side

Giant Cancun is full of hotels, from which all kinds of travelers will find a suitable option. Luxury hotels, all-inclusive resorts and low-cost accommodation for young people can all be found at the beach resort.

Most of the time, you travel to Cancun on a package, so the hotel is included in the package with your flights. For self-employed travelers, especially during the hottest season, it is advisable to book the hotel well in advance.

By bus the easiest way around the city

Cancun is a big city where you have to resort to games other than your own feet. The city has an extensive bus network that takes you from the hotel area to the beach and shopping. Cheap minibuses run along the main streets and cater to the needs of tourists.

Taxis are also negotiated in Cancun. When traveling by taxi, the price should be agreed with the driver in advance, as the meters are not in general use.



Museums of Cancun

Although Cancun is primarily a beach destination, you can also explore the history of the area. At the Cancun Archaeological Museum, visitors can explore ancient finds on the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mexican Folk Art Museum, on the other hand, becomes familiar with the customs and traditions of the country.

You can explore the local cultural life at the Cancun House of Culture, which hosts concerts, exhibitions and theater performances.

Excursion to the island of Isla de Mujeres

If Cancun starts to feel too fast-paced with its partying and bustling shopping malls, the getaway is thankfully not far away. Isla de Mujeres is about a 45-minute ferry ride from Cancun, with real paradise beaches and a peaceful atmosphere.

A visit to the Mayan ruins

From Cancun, you can easily take a day trip to Tulum or Chichen Itza, for example, where you can find significant Mayan ruins. After lounging on the beach, a touch of history and architecture provides the vacationer with an overview of true Mexican culture. You can spend a lot more time on the ruins if you want, so those who are interested may want to spend the night at the destination.



The best experiences in Cancun

  1. Enjoy the long beaches of Mexico.
  2. Cancun is a going party city – dive into the destination’s nightlife.
  3. Try water sports and other activities.
  4. Shop at the malls and the Mexican market.
  5. Try local delicacies at the many restaurants in the area.

The best excursions from Cancun

  1. Isla de Mujeres
  2. Tulum
  3. Chichen Itza
  4. Cozumel
  5. Puerto Morelos

Cons of Cancun

  1. Cancun is full of tourists – it’s not worth looking for a genuine Mexican way to live.
  2. Cancun’s price level includes a tourist surcharge.
  3. During the hurricane season, the weather is unstable.