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Traveling in Panama

Airplane: The regional airlines Aerotaxis and Aeroperlas fly between the capital Panama City and all major cities in the country. Heliplan also offers helicopter flights. Smaller commercial airports in Panama are in Paitilla Aeropuerto Marcos A. Gelabert (PAC) and in Davis, Chiriqui Enrique Maleck (DAV). Rail: Panama Canal Railway Company’s passenger trains run between Panama City and Colon. Car: Panama City is… Read More »

Panama History

Prehistory Findings of fishtail-shaped spearheads testify to the presence of Paleo-Indian hunters about 8000–6000 BC, and kitchen moorings from about 5000 BC. points to the importance of coastal resources. Ceramics are coated from about 2000 BC Between about 1500 and 500 BC established agriculture in Panama; together with trade, it laid the foundation for the… Read More »