Came Close to the Red Samsung Galaxy S III

Web-TV: a red variant of Samsung Galaxy S III is on its way to stores in Denmark. Watch it here.

Samsung has had great success with both the white and blue version of the Galaxy S III. But now comes yet another variant to the shops in Denmark.

We’ve had the red variant of the hands.

In the above feature you can, besides seeing the product close to, also experience the Red S III’er beside the white.

In addition to color, there are no changes compared to the previous Galaxy S III’s, are already in stores.

According to our site cost the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S III about 3,900 dollars without subscription. Samsung says that the price of the red, will not be different than at the other colors.

The Old iPhones Are Sold out before the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 may be purchased in the Danish stores from Friday, which is seen in the number of used iPhones for sale.

Apple sends iPhone 5 out on Friday in the Danish shops, which has set in motion the sale of used iPhones. Den Blå Avis (DBA) and Spar Nord viewed, how many are selling out of the old models.

The Blue Paper, which accounts for about half of the trade in second-hand goods in Denmark, has sold used iPhones for more than 110 million dollars this year. It writes our site. (more…)

Top Rated Sleeping Bags for Camping

Millet Base Camp

Millet Base Camp is a sleeping bag model that can also ensure maximum user comfort and resistance in time. The packing system of this model is made of duck down both soft and gentle to maximize your comfort.

This sleeping bag has a side zip system so you can slip it easily and you lock up without much effort. An anti-cold flap accompanies internal zip for a time your body will be locked, there is no possibility to let the cold. This model comes with a shaped hood with a double cord system you can properly tighten. This ensures maximum comfort from head to toe.


Alpe d’Huez Cycling Route

Alpe d’HuZes is a large-scale cycling event whose proceeds entirely for the benefit of KWF. During this event, groups of cyclists alpencol trying to climb to Alpe d’Huez six times in one day to collect the money as possible in that way. In 2010 gathered at this event 20.1 million and was thus the most successful Dutch right-goal-action. For 2011, the organization expects to collect more than 30 million euros


Tips on Buying Sunglasses

STYLE-With the approach of summer, the sunglasses are again on all heads. Vintage, glamor, oversize or rock: the trends we would almost forget that besides being a fashion accessory, sunglasses are an indispensable tool for ophthalmic protection.


Image Unveils LG Optimus Vu II

A picture reveals apparently a new updated 5 inch device from LG Optimus Vu II.

Even before LG Optimus Vu really has hit the sales shelves in the United States, reveals a picture a successor to LG’s 5-inch smartphone, writes our site.

The image has appeared on the Korean blog Bad IT Tong and is apparently a so-called spec-sheet that reveals both a picture and main specifications for the upcoming device.

LG Optimus Vu is a 5 inch device is a clone between a smartphone and a mini tablet, and which must take up the fight with, among other things, Samsung Galaxy Note, which also recently came in a new edition.

Based on the leaked picture, LG Optimus Vu II comes with LTE, 8 MP camera, the 1.5 GHz dual core CPU, 2 GB of RAM and Android 4.0.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas

In the kitchen, where it meets the whole family, where one gathers around the table to talk, to eat, to drink coffee, the space is never enough.The kitchen is an environment in which many activities are concentrated and where you need to be able to organize themselves.

It is important to know how to distribute available space and spaces designated to the furniture, knowing how to choose highly functional media, but can donate whole environment an indispensable touch of originality and sophistication.

The last decade has been completely superseded the vision of the kitchen as a rustic place, where simply the family gathers to prepare and eat food.


Bike Helmet Choosing

Although wearing a bicycle helmet is not required by law, many studies have shown that in case of accident it protects its wearer from serious head injuries and may even save lives.

Fortunately, nearly all models with respect to weight and comfort are much improved over the last time.

If you are among the cyclists who are traveling still without helmet, because you have unpleasant memories of individual trials several years ago, we can assure you. Modern helmets are light and comfortable.


The Danes Are Crazy about Online Shopping Via Mobile Phone

Danish consumers use more often the mobile devices to make purchases via the Internet.

Consumer tablets and smartphones have become a more important and more useful part of everyday life in which internet commerce now is becoming quite common through these, mobile devices.

Thus, it is now the entire 23 percent of men with a smartphone or tablet that acts on the Internet through one of these devices, and 16 percent of women. (more…)

Error in Map for iOS 6 Did Not Come on the Back of the Apple

More important for Apple to get rid of Google Maps, rather than delivering error-free product for iOS 6.

It was very important for Apple to get rid of Google maps in the new version of iOS. Tim Cook took a calculated risk, according to our site, by dropping Google Maps, in favor of a faulty Apple Maps app.

After numerous reports of flaws in Apple’s new card technology to iOS 6, it will be from multiple pages suggested that it was more important for Apple to get rid of the Google map, rather than providing an impeccable finished product. (more…)

iPhone 5 Will Be Also Part of the Lawsuit Between Apple and Samsung

Samsung: the new iPhone 5 is infringing our patents and is involved in the lawsuit.

The South Korean mobile manufacturer Samsung, plan to incorporate Apple’s new iPhone 5 in the pending lawsuit between the two mobile giants, writes our site.

Based on the available information about the iPhone 5, Samsung will incorporate the new iPhone in the trial, in the same way as the other iPhone models.

Not surprising announcement from Apple sounds in South Korea, that they feel like victims of copying, and not vice versa.

Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones, sent in the second quarter more than 50 million phones in the market, while Apple’s share amounted to 26 million.


Home Lighting Guide

Boards of the Journal of the shows to succeed its lighting home.

Lighting is a key element to feel at home. With the constant progress of led lamps we can predict that in a few years our interiors like, overnight, to anyone we know.
Despite the advent of this new technology, some major general rules will remain immutable.
The light is an infinite source of architectural and decorative possibilities. It can easily be shaped at will, through wall lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps and spotlights. According to your fancy.


Women’s Leather Shoulder Bags

The classic shoulder bag we encounter almost every day, and most women have more than one such model. The reasons are very different. However, the bag has over most other variants a decisive advantage: It is absolutely convenient. During a handbag more difficult is not uncommon on the arm, the shoulder bag for a high comfort ensures, for example, in several hours of shopping. Although the bag looks quite relaxed, it has a lot to offer and acts in many cases anything but “easy” or “easy”.


Warning: the Samsung Devices Can Be Erased with one Click

Samsung has landed in a kattepine with their Touchwiz software for Android. One code can delete everything on the phone.

At a Security Conference it has emerged that Samsung’s TouchWiz software appears to include a substantial safety risk.

It has been proven that one HTML code is enough to get a Samsung phone with TouchWiz software to reset and delete everything on the phone, write our site. (more…)