Root Explorer Is Puts Handsome with Material Design

Root Explorer is one of the most popular applications for view and manage files in Android. In addition to handling local files, you can also access Google Drive, Dropbox, local network file, extract ZIP, edit text files…

Loaded with features, the appearance the application was however something anchored in the past, most specifically in philosophy Holo. It is not that too many people has been the hands to the head, because its users are probably more interested in functionality as graphic-bonito, but now one thing does not remove the other. (more…)

Netflix Includes a Mode for Children That Eventually Children Will Want to Use

One of the favorite features of Netflix is that you can create different accounts to personalize the experience. That includes accounts categorized as for children, where obviously the content It is filtered so that kids end up not seeing Babadook in a dismissal.

However, apart from the personalization of content, the children the Netflix application mode was basically the same. A Dark interface and mysterious, full of menus and scrolls to that Netflix has accustomed us, but that may complicate unnecessarily the experience for children. (more…)

Copy Text from Almost Any Application with Universal Copy

Not too many applications are concerned about let copy your text content to the Clipboard for use in another application, which can be quite frustrating if you’re used to multitasking. So, sometimes you is not obliged to make a screenshot for all.

But if you are a real fan of copy-and-paste now have a new ally: Universal Copy. This application allows you to Select and copy the text to the Clipboard in a lot of applications, but do not support the copy of text natively. (more…)

Yahoo Mail Keeps Trying to Get Your Attention: Now with Themes and Other News

The truth is that things are not going too well for Yahoo! the once great something come unless the network giant. That Yes, it cannot be denied that they are still putting much effort and don’t they give up, at least with some key products like Yahoo! Mail.

Yahoo is now precisely fashion, but there are millions of people with a company email account and, although nothing prevents you to set it up on another client like Gmail, nothing better than using the official iPhone app, Yahoo Mail. (more…)

45 Firefox with Selective Loading of Images, Goodbye to Honeycomb and More Changes

The latest version of Firefox for Android has satisfactorily passed the trial period and is since yesterday approved to be distributed in your channel’s official launch. As it is usual, the list of changes is quite extensive.

Firefox 45 includes several new options, which has forced Mozilla to redistribute your options panel also. Among the new features is the possibility of selectively load the images, only if you have Wi-Fi or block access to the camera and microphone, ideal for parents who want to have more control over what their children online. (more…)

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android Released Saved Auto, History and More

Since Microsoft It launched its popular suite office for our Android devices the year past has not stopped improving their applications. Microsoft goes everywhere so that your Office be a leader in all operating systems.

In the new update of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint they become important innovations that will allow us to work faster and more safely, now will not lose everything we had written. (more…)

You Can Try Miitomo, The First Application of Nintendo for Android [APK]

Nintendo already it has Android podium with Miitomo, its first application for mobile devices is now officially for download in Japan through Google Play, and soon will also be available in Spain and more countries.

If you don’t want to wait for the international launch of Miitomo Android already you can install it on your mobile device downloading the APK that is already circulating in the network and works around the world. (more…)

Offer of The Week in Google Play: Water Drink Reminder Pro and Quell Memento + Reduced to €0.10

If still not you have purchased Beautiful Widgets Pro and Kingdom Rush Origins €0.10 not must take long since every Tuesday as the offer of the week of Google Play It is renewed with a new application and a new game that lower price.

From today and until next Tuesday, we can buy the application Water Drink Reminder Pro and the game Quell Memento + for just 0,10 EUR each. (more…)

Super Camera Pixel for Android Improves The Resolution of The Camera: Pictures Sharper and Less Noise

Would you like to improve your Android camera resolution? Because this is it makes it Super Pixel camera, that increases up to 4 times the resolution of the camera thus improving the sharpness and reduce noise in our photos.

Super Pixel camera take the combines a burst of images and intelligently using its own algorithm of Super-resolution to get a picture up to 4 times larger and higher quality than the original resolution of our camera. We will improve the taking of photos both with the rear camera as our device’s front camera. (more…)

MSQRD, The Fun Application to Change Your Face in Real Time Is Now on Android

Do you ever wanted to become a tiger, a bearded Lady or impersonate to the footballer Obama with the camera of your mobile phone? Probably not, but that is not to say that no you can spend it with MSQRD, an application to make face-swap in real time just landed in Google Play.

MSQRD apply effects in real time on your face making use of a good tracking in motion with which you can gesturing, move and talk while you hidden under the mask that you’ve chosen. You 13 different masks to choose from, including a chimpanzee, an elderly woman, a dog, a bearded woman and Obama. (more…)

Google Play Celebrates Its Fourth Anniversary with Applications Reduced to €0.50 and More Offers

This week Google Play He is celebrating, is already its fourth anniversary, and this means that these days we find great deals in your store’s content. Its already common offer of the week with applications to 0.10 euros joined them applications reduced to 0.50 euros along with other promotions.

Google Play currently offers us a selection of 28 applications reduced € 0.50 and a selection of 30 Free-to-Play games in which we will find discounts and special gifts. Among the discounted applications to only €0,50 We are very popular and recommended applications as Nova Launcher, FlightTrack 5, Paper Camera, Photo Lab Pro, PowerAmp, Cameringo +, Today Calendar, Djay 2, Edjing Pro and several playground of ToCA. (more…)

7 Apps to Make Group Video Calling

After playing the dismissal for years, Skype finally introduced group and free video calls on Skype a couple of weeks ago. You can now get the impressive figure of up to 25 people in a same Skype video call.

Although Skype is the application of (video) called par excellence, is certainly not the first application or the only one that supports Group video calling. You have a lot of friends and like to talk to everyone at the same time with your camera? Here are 7 apps to get it. (more…)

So Roger, a Beautiful Application of Walkie Talkie by Former of Spotify

When we think about instant messaging the first thing that comes to mind is a text chat, but it is inevitable that digital conversations include increasingly more elements that occasionally replace the text. Roger, meanwhile, retrieves the old idea of the walkie talkie, and does so with a very careful look.

Roger is an application to talk to your friends using voice messages, as if it were a walkie talkie. It is not the first application of the style, not the only one, and in fact virtually all messaging applications include the option of sending audio clips (and some as a Telegram do it as if it were a walkie-talkie), but here the main differentiation is the completely focus on voice messages and neat interface. As its motto says, the idea is that “talk more often”. (more…)

YouTube Continues to Slightly Change Its Interface to Make It More Intuitive

It seems in Google are not at all satisfied with the YouTube interface, because changes are lately in the latest updates. We’re not talking major changes, but small optimizations here and there as the function drag to update, notifications or the videos of the moment.

This time the changes are focused on one aspect that perhaps something more shelved in the application so far were: the uploaded videos. To make more intuitive and consistent use, the new version includes a new upload icon and a new window of selection of videos. (more…)

Offer of The Week in Google Play: Instant Heart Rate Pro and Fruit Ninja Reduced to €0.10

If you have not yet purchased Shazam Encore and Reckless Racing 3 to 0.10 euros not tardéis because they will rise in price throughout the day, as Google Play It has just launched two new offerings in the first week of March.

This week Google Play has reduced the application Instant Heart Rate Pro and the classic game Fruit Ninja, during the next 7 days you can buy at the reduced price of 0.10 euros. (more…)