Google Releases Science Journal

Google has just released on Play Store a new app called Science Journal, as part of the project Making & Science dedicated to guys who love to science, technology, and so on. Through the use of the sensors of the smartphone, the App allows you to perform certain experiments, interpret the results and understand the laws that govern them.

The idea is to create projects of various styles as needed, and use the phone’s sensors to gather its data. The phone allows you to measure brightness, sound pressure level and the acceleration on three axes of the device; It is then possible to connect external devices to extend the ability of measurement. (more…)

Mekorama, a New Great Puzzle for Mobile by Donation

Mekorama is a new three-dimensional puzzle for Android and iOS created by independent developer Martin Magni, already known for great Odd Bot Out. If the talented Magni gaming were well clear with the first title, this Mekorama has matured to the vast, resulting in a game that can contend with the top like that.

The game consists of 50 different puzzles. The purpose is simple: to lead our robot (a 3D version of the protagonist of Odd Robots Out, by the way) at the exit of the level is marked with a red dot. To do this we need to manipulate the right way the level: rotate it, find out if there are items you can move, drag and so on. (more…)

ASUS ZenFone 3

On Twitter are leaked much information on all range ASUS ZenFone 3 , now in the pipeline and that we officially at Computex in Taiwan toward the end of the month. Some are firsts, others we have known in the past; Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to take a nice summary.


Assassin’s Creed Identity Available on iOS (Add Even Android)

Update 18 September: Assassin’s Creed Identity is now available on the Android platform at 4.99 € to Play Store.

During the day yesterday, Ubisoft has released the iOS version of Assassin’s Creed Identity(find the link at end of article), announcing at the same time that the Android version will Play Store by spring. This means that it will take at least a month before you could talk about his debut on the Google platform, although the time frame is much broader and is up to June. (more…)

Even Zuk Z2 Could Use the Samsung Exynos SoC 8890

The new Zuk Z2, waited for the official presentation in a short time, back to talk about whether thanks to a new post published on Weibo by Chang Cheng, CEO of the company.

Within this post, Cheng claims he spent a whole day with its Z2 and is satisfied with the performance of a particular component, or “8890”. The reference goes to the SoC that most likely we will find within Zuk Z2 — the chip Exynos Samsung 8890, already used by the South Korean home for its top of the range in this Galaxy 2016. The choice made by Zuk for his Z2 is at least particular, because the recent Zuk Z2 Pro is based on the last top of the line solution of Qualcomm, which is Snapdragon 820; hardly would be expected to compete with Snapdragon SoC 820 within the variant “non Pro”. (more…)

Google Launches Spaces, a Social (?) for Sharing

In late last night came the official applications

  • Install on Androidor iOS

Spaces is an app for small groups who share everything.

  • Creates a space on any topic with just one touch
  • Invite family or friends by sending them a quick link in any way you like
  • Search Google, Chrome, photos and YouTube embedded in share folder
  • The members of a room can add a comment to any post
  • Use keywords to quickly find everything you need

Google officially announced Spaces, program that facilitates the creation of groups to share ideas and arguments between users. (more…)

Cortana You Update on Android, Get the Sync Notifications

The timing of notifications of Cortana (which allows you to view notifications of certain apps on any device of an account) was one of the features that have ignited more interest of users during the Conference Build 2016, which took place in late March/early April. Since the beginning, Microsoft had promised that the feature would arrive on Android, and now that day has arrived-with some limitations to be aware of.


NGM Presents You Color E505 Plus and E506 Plus

Two other news from NGM. The Tuscan company, which for several months has launched the line You Color, decided to strengthen two of “Entry level” range models providing them some technical characteristics best. This is how NGM You Color E505 PLUS and E506 PLUS, featuring 21 different color combinations with interchangeable covers.

NGM You ColorE505 PLUS offers significant performance at an extremely competitive price and boasts a 16 GB memory (expandable) and 2 GB of RAM. 64-bit processor Dual SIM Smartphone with LTE, Mediatek MT6735M E505 Plus has a 5 inch display with IPS technology, 8 Mega Pixel and rear camera 5 Mega pixels front to capture the most of their selfie and groupies. Like all You Color, E505 PLUS is a Dual SIM, allowing the user to choose when and how to be available and which SIM to use for Dynamic 3 g/4 g. For this new smartphone with Android Lollipop 5.1, in conjunction with the 4th generation connection also Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS + AGPS. (more…)

The Address Book from Readers

Back today with the appointment of readers’ Book is a section of the blog that allows all users to put their doubts, questions, trials, tests and thoughts to fans of the Mobile World. Today Francis (off icinawazo) talks about the recent presentation of The app and Duo from Google and plenty of instant messaging systems on mobile platform and especially Android.

Google To and Instant Messaging apps binge. What I think.

Google Hangouts, Hangouts Chat Messenger, Youtube, Dialer “Shared” Google, Google Google Google for the Spaces, and last but not least, and Duo.  Finally all these Google apps for Instant Messaging and video calls will soon be able to live happily on our smartphones. Finally (?!)

Huawei P9 Lite Review

After trying the Huawei P9 and waiting for you to try on P9 Plus, today we are going to see the new P9 Lite. Equipped with a processor and 3 GB of RAM 650 Kirin, this has the task to repeat or improve the good done by Huawei last year with the Huawei P8 Lite. There will be successful? Let’s go to discover in our review.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

The design is similar to that of other devices the range P9. The profile is made of metal. Glass on the front where there is a 8 megapixel fixed-focus camera, light sensors, proximity and a little notification LED RGB. On the back there is a plastic insert where we find the main 13 megapixel camera with wide-angle lens from 28 mm, Aperture f/2.0 and dual LED flash. (more…)

Suggestions of Google with Playbook

During the first day of Google I/O 2016, Google presented a rich set of Tools especially useful for developers, such as the new version of Android Studio and Firebase. However, if you are looking for any advice, suggestions or help for those who may be the main secrets to develop a successful application, you will no longer need to venture onto the web in search of the solution, but you can always have with you the Playbook, the new app from Google for this purpose.

Playbook is currently in beta and you can access it and download it via this link (APK at end of article). The app provides a collection of tips, tutorials, videos and much more, all grouped by categories so that you can easily find those with the straight right according to the needs of the developer. The recommendations span the different development stages of a project and concern both the programming that you develop, launch, growth and management of the profits generated by the app created. (more…)

BlackBerry Hamburg Unveiled by GFXBench

BlackBerry is ready to invest to stand up inside the smartphone market thanks to the Android platform. With Fsbo numbers were not up to expectations | BlackBerry Priv sells less than anticipated and the focus shifts on media | However the public reception was fairly positive thanks to the excellent work done by the company in terms of support and passage of the most important applications from BlackBerry OS to Android.

With substantial changes at the top, as Ralph Pines new head of Blackberry devices, for several months we talk to launch in 2016 at least two new smartphones, dubbed for the moment “Rome” and “Hamburg”. The first would be the next top range, always characterized by the presence of a touch screen with a physical keyboard, the second, Hamburg, will go to the mid-range confirming part of the recent test GFXBench published on the web. (more…)

The Current Nexus Devices Will Not Receive the “Seamless Update” of Android N

One of the novelties of Android N, announced during the last Google i/o 2016, will not arrive on Nexus devices present and probably on no other Android device already on the market. We speak of “Seamless update“, the new function integrated in Android N I will make updates to the operating system in a much more discreet and less invasive.

The seemless update a concept already introduced on Chrome OS, which is the presence oftwo partitions for the operating system, one that is used by the user when the device is in use and a free to be updated at any time. The update process is completed on the first restart of the Terminal and involves only a slightly longer startup time than the traditional method. (more…)

Android N will Not Support the Force Touch

In the second Developer Preview of Android N, we saw a new feature called Launcher Shortcuts | Force Touch on Android no? Here’s how it would be, the one that supposedly | would be managing the Force Touch made in Google.

Being present in Android N, many felt that the final release of the operating system could bring technology Force Touch, or better native support for this feature, on all compatible devices.

Unfortunately that will not be:

Launcher Shortcuts and the Launcher Shortcuts API: 

We’ve decided to defer this feature to a future release of Android. We plan to remove the Launcher Shortcuts APIs (Shortcut Manager and others) from the public Android N BEES starting in the next developer preview. (more…)

May Security Patches Being Distributed on Galaxy S6 (Edge), A5 and ZenFone Zoom

Continue to spread the may security patches for Android released, as usual, by Google earlier this month. Today we receive notification on our Galaxy S6 Edge in the Newsroom, while from SamMobile we learn that the distribution even on Galaxy A5 first series. The build number is G925FXXS3DPE1 for S6 Edge (same but with beginning prefix G920 for S6 Flat), LM47X.A510FXXS2APD2 for Galaxy A5.

Is not far behind that starts rolling out its ZenFone Zoom (ZX551ML) with build (MR 3.4). In addition to the security patch, here come some exciting news: (more…)