Zetta Usa Cyanogen Mod, Expressly Prohibited for Commercial Purposes

There is much talk these days about Zetta, Extremadura “manufacturer” He discovered selling terminals Xiaomi and Doogee with stickers at close range. To summarize: they supposedly bought mobile mentioned brands, added their logo (a precious Acorn bite), they installed other software, they put stickers and to sell at a higher price.

Even We are awaiting that one of the founders of this company issued an official statement explaining all this riotous, which won’t be easy to succeed. If already miga brings the fact that are not mobile designed by Zetta, although they sell them as such, but of another brand, imagine that not even the software is yours.

On sale with CyanogenMod

It seems that in Zetta have you thought that the fact sell their “Extremadura smartphone” with MIUI, which could vener as ZettaUI, an OS Extremadura, so they have taken to make a change of software, which would not be typical, wouldn’t be very romantic but we would talk about the well-known ROM CyanogenMod.

CyanogenMod is a ROM that cannot be used for commercial purposes

This would not be too serious if it weren’t for the fact that CyanogenMod is a ROM that cannot be used for commercial purposes, Yes it could, by staying in the same company, Cyanogen OS. I.e., that have a mobile phone that advertised as designed and assembled in Spain and with software that can not be used for commercial purposes.

This “Extremadura Apple” is It brings mobile Xiaomi, the rootea, they installed CyanogenMod and sells them to you as a patriotic product, and more expensive. We still have doubts about the guarantee of these terminals and the version of CM that installed (if the last or a compatible random), or whether it’s a Nightly or one of the stable.

We don’t know if the developers of CyanogenMod will be aware, but if they come to learn the thing could be more difficult for Zetta, because remember that CM is a free development open source ROM: use for commercial purposes is not authorized (as bring it pre-installed on a mobile).

Do cost you to Zetta bring the smartphone, let his stuff and sell it?

Let’s see how the Conqueror 4.7 Zetta, equivalent of Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro (2 GB of RAM and storage 16) is sold to double its current original price)185€). To this day, on the page of Xiaomi in India, the terminal is at a price equivalent to 95,3€, so, assuming that you buy it there, they decide to import several units.

That price will have to add what the cost to import it (portes, customs, shipping…), which exceed the € 120 if not additional problems arise. Then will be spent its money on stickers for the battery and the material to “replace” the logo of Xiaomi by his own (the aforementioned bite Acorn).

After this, now the effort is focused on installing a software which is not MIUI, and the chosen, such as you see in the capture of more high, CyanogenMod 13, which, as we have mentioned, cannot be used for commercial purposes, and the Lords of this company, with its two outstanding reais per head, announce it on their website.

If they get the cheapest terminal elsewhere, clearly their profit margin is greater, but nobody takes away their €30 by terminal not counting what they earn selling accessories of others as if it were official to, at least, 5 times their actual price.

Neither ethical and dubious legality

Zetta could have walked a path that would lead him to be a good Spanish manufacturer, but Instead, he decided to take a dirt road, where there is no ethics and is played on the edges of the legal. It is not ethical for the fact of profiting from the work of others (Xiaomi and Cyanogen for now).

It would be illegal to use misleading advertising to say that their phones are designed and assembled in Spain, and of course, make commercial use of CyanogenMod, that it prohibited it. Another thing is if the missing OS Cyanogen, which was just made for commercial purposes.

What happens later now will see it, but * do not look good for Zetta *, that has gotten into a series of gardens that, if justice acts, will not leave unpunished. The latest novelty is that the Junta de Extremadura has officially informed it did not grant any subsidies to the brand, so it would eliminate public financing.

Main image: the Spanish