YouTube Continues to Slightly Change Its Interface to Make It More Intuitive

It seems in Google are not at all satisfied with the YouTube interface, because changes are lately in the latest updates. We’re not talking major changes, but small optimizations here and there as the function drag to update, notifications or the videos of the moment.

This time the changes are focused on one aspect that perhaps something more shelved in the application so far were: the uploaded videos. To make more intuitive and consistent use, the new version includes a new upload icon and a new window of selection of videos.

More intuitive

So far, the floating icon which could upload videos to YouTube since its application was a generic icon of file uploads, i.e. an arrow pointing up that many people could be confusing.

This icon now has plenty more sense, as it is a camcorder, we relate to an icon that now leaves little room for confusion as intuitively record video or video calls (which makes no sense in the context of YouTube).

The new icon (left) and the old (right)

When Click on this button, You’ll also find changes. New upload window is not based on the standard Android file selection window, but it includes an own gallery showing all the videos on the device, ordered by date.

And if you like record a new video? No problem, the upper part of the window, which includes another icon of video if you’re a little confused, because directly shows you the your camera preview to start recording at a time.

It cannot be said that the YouTube for Android application would be difficult to use before, but these changes certainly help to make it still something more intuitive.

Youtubevaria according to the device

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