You Don’t Know What Are The Trends of The Season? Asos Is Confident and His Key Items (I)

Trends in the fashion world does not follow the same pattern in all collections and signatures. Proof of this is the difference between low-cost firms and the haute coture although there are always some that being in the first group, increasingly they emulate with a higher degree of perfection to the second.

Either way, Asos has opted this year for a group of 5 items and styles that considered infallible and indispensable in your wardrobe if you like to dress fashionably and carry the latest in the latest Ready to discover the trends of Asos for this spring-summer 2013?

The infinite universe of the denim jackets

Denim never passed to better life, It is a trends which like the navy, is everlasting in all collections for all these years. ASOS has created a world parallels that has tried to take advantage of this trend and the largest party and betting on the darkest denim or finishes with acid washing, has introduced nother light blue, dark red oxblood, Leopard prints, jackets, hoods, zipper closures, closures with buttons and a host of provisions for pockets, from flaps on the chest to bottom pockets with side entry. Court standard, adjusted and sometimes with details as the inner lining of skin of sheep or details in the finished.

An urban style with the bomber as protagonist

It was the jacket it in the decades of the 80 and 90 worse it seems that it has become hard for spring 2013. Recognize it by its sportsmanship, his neck band with elastic detail, cuffs and waist with ribbed style and by their shiny nylon fabric which uses many times a tartan lining to give a touch more mod or skin to the set.

It’s a very versatile jacket, halfway between the flyer and the Varsity that will give much play to our closet, with endless possibilities when combining although we prefer them with poles and t-shirts. You can find them with styles plain, with animal prints, in different colors and even introducing printed military and camouflage to give you some versatility.