Why Could LG Dispense of The Modules for Your G6?

As one more of their risky bets, LG decided to give to its flagship of the first half of the year, the LG G5, some modular capacity to the allow you to remove the lower part to introduce modular accessories and add a little extra personalization or improvements in sound, camera or battery.

The case is that the concept didn’t like the public, adding to this or the terminal was cheap (like its competitors) and, course, modular accessories price did not exactly low, but on the contrary. This has led to sales of this terminal are quite low, leaving the manufacturer in a somewhat delicate position.

The fact that the recent LG V20 has not opted for this “modularity” has aroused suspicions, for which LG came out saying that the V line would be different and the G would be chosen to incorporate this feature. However, could we find that future LG G6 not bet for giving continuity to the LG Friends’!.

LG didn’t want to continue risking to regain the lost trust

One of the things that LG is known is by Search innovation in each new product (at least in the high range), making a somewhat risky decisions that may work very well (the missing rear panel) or very bad (accessories modular LG G5). It is clear that if not try never know if it is a success or a failure.

These modular accessories had a problem: the inconvenience of having to turn off the device to insert the module and then turn it on again. If add you to this the very high prices for these accessories, any temptation to a holder of a LG G5 is going to ruin.

Low figures for sales of this terminal and its ยด ‘modules’ (2.2 million terminals when marked a target of between 3 and 3.5 million) have made that LG dismissed several executives and hire others, assuming that LG G5 would be a failure to have made losing in its first quarter on the market around $ 110 million.

The executives took this as a sign of the users, and therefore, the next LG G6 would come without the modular ability. This has special meaning if we take into account that beyond the four ‘LG Friends’ presented by LG G5 they have not gone out more new accessories, another sign that more gives to understand that it was a bad decision.

Will she stop risking LG in the future?

Answer this question with complete certainty is impossible today, but I would say that no, it will continue to invest heaps in search for something that makes unique to their products before you buy them feel has something unique that no other manufacturer is still offering. The key? Not leave too expensive to the end user.

We have as an example the rear panel both Miss, a small change which produced divided opinions, but whose users they ended up praise. And this in that you bought one of those mobile has left them free or, in the worst cases, very cheap (not more than a change in status of physical buttons).

Clear that LG G5 has served the Korean manufacturer to give a way to keep the removable battery without giving up the metal back, there is no more to do to LG V20. The first flagship has been a failure doesn’t mean that your departure was not useful, and I believe that this philosophy is quite successful.

I am almost sure that LG knows this and that, despite the economic bump that has been, continue assuming certain risks so that users can enjoy unique features which, who knows, might spread to other manufacturers. When we miss you value, it must be acknowledged, regardless of whether you then get them frog.