Which of This Fall’s Top Models You See Most Forward to? [Vote]

Autumn is soon upon us. In the mobile world, this means that many new top models are on the way. What are you most looking forward to? Tell us in this vote.

Over the coming months you can expect many new top models. Both Google, Apple and Microsoft give their take on how a top model must be cast along with, respectively, Android, iOS, and Windows as operating system.

At the same time, other major manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Motorola also represented with new top models, which are expected to hit the Danish store shelves over the next few months.

Each top model excels in different areas in relation to each other, as the mobile site took a review of in our stie’s article. Here you can read much more about how the next big top models will be and when you can expect to see them in the nearest shops.

But what is so you favorite, and what do you look most forward to? We would love to hear from you by replying to the vote below, where the biggest upcoming top models are assembled.