WhatsApp Does Cleaning: for End of Year Will Only Be on Android, IOS and Windows Phone

WhatsApp was of the first to arrive the battle for mobile messaging, and hence should be part of your success. As described in his blog, when WhatsApp started out in 2009 the mobile ecosystem was very different: the 70% of mobile phones system had sold Nokia o BlackBerry.

It is not surprising therefore that WhatsApp available for a number of ‘minority’ platforms that a new application would normally overlook. It is the case of version of WhatsApp for Symbian, Nokia Series 40, Blackberry or older versions of Android as Android 2.1.

Times have changed in these seven years, and now mobile phones with Android, iOS and Windows Phone System dominate the impressive figure of 99.5% of the market. Does not seem to make much sense continue striving to maintain version for systems with “so few users”, and therefore the official support of Android 2.1, Blackberry, Nokia and WP7.1 will end before the end of year.

Upgrade or die

WhatsApp have made balance and they decided to load support for operating systems that have the least amount of users. It is the case of the complete branch of WhatsApp to BlackBerry (including BlackBerry 10) and all phones Nokia (Symbian and series 40).

Other operating systems will continue to start, but will break compatibility with older versions. It is the case of Windows Phone, where the bracket will be lost for Windows Phone 7.1, and also Android, where compatibility with Android 2.1 and 2.2 (Eclair and Froyo) will cease to be a problem when updating.

So far WhatsApp was compatible with Android 2.1

This is not to say that WhatsApp to stop overnight in your mobile old overnight, but it basically to WhatsApp will give the same if it works or not. These systems will be left to their own devices, where will probably operate as to WhatsApp does not make fundamental changes in its communication protocol.

The recommendation of WhatsApp so that you lidies with this genocide Whatsappil is the obvious: it’s time that you do with a phone with one more modern version Android, iOS or Windows Phone, at least if you want to continue using WhatsApp.