Top Sights in London

By | March 28, 2021

Abbey Road

Whether you are a fan of the band The Beatles or not, you have probably seen the iconic cover image on the album Abbey Road. The cover photo was once taken in the transition field next to the Abbey Road studio and the album Abbey Road is considered by many to be the Beatles’ best album. It is popular with many tourists to recreate the cover image and it can sometimes be fun in itself to watch all the tourists who walk with animated walk across the transition field in the hope of catching the blink of an eye. First and foremost, this is probably an attraction for Beatles-saved nostalgics.

Kensington Gardens

Like Central Park in New York, Kensington Gardens is like a green liberation in an otherwise hectic city. Here you can stroll around in beautiful surroundings and take life in stride. The park is beautifully maintained and has a rich variety of different flowers and other plants. Here you will also find several famous statues, an art gallery and a large colony of squirrels for the amusement of many tourists.

Hyde Park

Once upon a time, this large park was the royal hunting ground of King Henry VIII. The time for royal hunting in the middle of central London is now over and the park is open to everyone. A walk through this magnificent park must be said to be well spent time when you are London. Here you will find magnificent landscapes with a separate lake with a rich bird life and the park is very well maintained. This is also where you will find the world-famous “Speakers Corner” where anyone can give speeches and appeals to those present. Celebrities like Karl Marx and Lenin have also given speeches at Speakers Corner.

The market in Camden

Camden Market or often just called Camden is a place with many thriving subcultures and the area is also particularly popular with students. Here you will find many exciting pubs with live music and a bustling nightlife. Here is also a rich selection of different restaurants, ranging from cheap street food to upscale restaurants. The market itself has hundreds of stalls selling all sorts of exciting items with everything from vintage clothing to jewelry and street food. Camden is an exciting place for those who want to experience something other than the most touristy areas of London.

London tube

London Underground is a tourist attraction in itself and you could not have been in London without taking advantage of one of the many train lines that run crosswise underground. Here you will find a total of 11 lines, as many as 268 different stations and over 400 kilometers of train line. The lines are from 5 meters below the ground to a full 69 meters below the ground at its deepest. The underground system is a traffic machine of another world and transports over 1 billion people from A to B every single year. We recommend that you obtain an Oyster Card when using the subway. With this card you can top up your credit and you only hold it over a card reader when you travel.

Covent Garden

In Covent Garden you can enjoy a wide range of shops, bars, restaurants, theater and street entertainment of various kinds. In the middle of the area you will also find a separate market hall with exciting shops and stalls. In Covent Garden you can relax in a cafe, shop in the shops or just stroll around to soak up the atmosphere for which the place is famous.


Soho is perhaps one of the most exciting places in London and is especially popular with slightly younger tourists, but the place is also popular with Londoners themselves. Here you will find a bustling nightlife, exciting restaurants and bars, original shops and theater with popular shows such as Les Miserables. Definitely an exciting and different place and a fresh break from Regent street and Oxford street.

Oxford Street

If you are shopping in London, you should stop by Oxford street. The street is one of the largest and most important shopping streets in London and it stretches from Marble Arch, through Oxford Circus and out to St Giles Circus. In this street you will find famous shops and department stores such as Selfridges, Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and John Lewis.

Piccadilly circus

The intersection of the famous Regent Street, Piccadilly, Shaftsbury Avenue and Coventry street is called Piccadilly Circus. Here you will find the famous Shaftesbury Fountain, but also iconic billboards that light up the place in the evening. The Piccadilly Circus line also has a subway station here and the place has a bustling crowd all day long. Here you will find hectic London life on all sides and the place simply gives you the feeling of London.

Millennium Bridge

London is a beautiful city to walk around in, and a walk on the Millennium Bridge over the river Thames is in that sense a must. Here you have a 360 degree view of London and the photo motifs on the way over are many! Here you have, among other things, a perfect view of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the famous Tate Modern Museum is also close by. The bridge itself is 370m long and shaped like a footpath, without annoying car traffic.

Regents Park

Right in the center of London you will find Regents Park, a large and beautiful park that is definitely worth a visit. In the park you will find both open park landscapes that are nice to stroll around, but here are also beautiful gardens, a separate lake with birds, playgrounds and sports fields. In total, the park has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 2 square kilometers. At the north-eastern end of the park you will also find the famous London Zoo. If you are tired of busy tourist streets you can relax and catch your breath in Regents Park, it only takes 15 minutes to walk to Regents Park from Oxford Street.