Three Slides Shown in The Patent Lawsuit against Samsung Can Define 2014 IPhone

Do you know what happens when two companies engage in a legal battle over patent issues? Effectively: that appear a lot of confidential documents from both companies. And one of those documents are slides from an internal presentation of Apple, from a year ago, which defines the company plans for 2014.

These slides they were not very good news the employees of Apple: iPhone sales growth slowed, users want products that Apple does not manufacture, and competitors have been reinforced. They are three simple slides, but they give us much information about how it is reacting Apple to get increase your sales this year. See one to one.

H2. “Sales growth is shrinking”

Here we can see how Apple has realized that, while growth continues in sales of the iPhone, this It has slowed dramatically in four years. In the chart we see that in 2009 it sold a 107% more iPhones in 2008, but in measured from the year 2013 the media pointed out that sales had grown only 15.34%. In other words: Yes, continue to sell ever more iPhones, but the pace of sales decelerate. So the question that became Apple’s…

H2. “What’s happening?”

Because three things happen:

  • Consumer demand, more and more, Mobile cheap and with larger screens.
  • Operators want to limit the promotion of the iPhone by several factors, including its cost and the railway rules coming from Cupertino.
  • Competitors has “improved dramatically” your hardware and in some cases their ecosystems, spending is also “obscene” amounts of money on advertising or gain traction through operators and other channels.

From Apple always it gives us the impression that not look much at the competition and that simply want to design “the best products of the world”, although these slides also claim that not is are idly watching how the market evolves.

H2. “Consumers want something that we don’t have”

In this last slide we have data which is quite conclusive. First, the market of smartphones continues to grow at an enormous rate. Second: is a demand devices that Apple simply doesn’t. Those devices are phones with one display less than 4 inches, but they cost less than 300 dollars or phones that cost more than $300. And if those phones cost more than $300, having a larger screen.

Guess which phones do not meet those requirements. Exact: any iPhone. The range of mobile in which the Apple smartphone is has decreased by 22%.

The conclusions are clear: the iPhone strategy must change

This presentation (or presentation snippet) explains us that Apple is aware of the situation from a year ago. And it is this, and no leaks of moulds and covers, what most makes me believe that this year we could see a change in the iPhone. Demand is that it: If we are going to pay more money than the average for a phone brand Apple, we want it with a larger screen.

The response? Probably in the WWDC or any autumn event.