They Have The Google Pixel Problems of Connection Bluetooth in The Car? So Say Some Users

The Pixel and Pixel XL are the best mobile has launched Google to date, of that there can be no doubt, but if experience has taught us anything, it is that many more expectations are deposited in a product, greater is the level of scrutiny to which are subject and the impact of their possible errors.

Now that they are already for sale in some countries, users are starting to detect some failures in their newly-minted Pixel. The other day we told you about the insistent halo that appears in the photos and today’s the turn of Bluetooth. As discussed some users, their terminals problems connecting to the car Bluetooth, Although there are indications that the problem could be on Android 7.1 and not Google devices.

A problem without guilty (for now)

As some participants of the Pixel community have said, their devices have problems connecting to the car Bluetooth and when finally get to do it, the connection often fails and it is not possible to keep it running for a long time. There are cases where the connection is done correctly and does not give problems when playing audio, but fails when a call is received.

The majority of messages have been published by users of the Google Pixel, which are the only devices with Android 7.1 Nougat series, but there have also been messages from users of other devices Nexus models that had installed the developer preview, so It is not clear if the problem is unique to the Pixel and Pixel XL or is something widespread in Android 7.1.

At the moment Google has not date for a possible upgrade, but they have already started to contact some of those affected to investigate further the causes and to offer a solution.

Google is also working with the problem of the camera mentioned in the entry. Apparently many users in the new Pixel have been detected a type of very specific Flash that appears in many of your photos. It is not a problem in itself since all lenses produce flashes when there are sources of light, but the insistence of this halo arched has provoked complaints from many buyers of Google Pixel.

Nevertheless, there we lose sight of what you mentioned, and is that much more importance is given to a product, a smartphone in this case, more is the magnifying glass under which explores.