The Parents of IPod Designing Google Phones? This Is a Possibility, and Is “Dangerous”

The news of Google acquiring to Nest, and thus staying with the talent of the father of the iPod Tony Fadell and his teams of engineers, surprised us all. The reflections did not take long to appear and almost all agreed: in Mountain View are prepared for the internet of things. But Maybe that is only a part of the plans Google with Fadell.

Apparently, and according to sources close to TechCrunch, Tony could deal with not only continue its work creating accessories loaded with connectivity, but also a wide range of devices from Google. And after the departure of Motorola in the hands of Google, could become responsible for Nest in responsible for creating new hardware.

It is easy to say, but we have to realize this: Tony Fadell, the creator of the iPod with the help of more than 100 former employees of Apple and Steve Jobs, creating what could be the future official Google Android smartphones. Many years of experience in Cupertino to laboratories Larry Page does not intend to waste it.

That said, it is quite clear that Apple should have done something about it. The March of Apple Fadell was not bad, but that Google has managed to stay with his experience can be a very dangerous thing. For Apple, I mean. For us it can be perfect.

Apple engineers against former Apple working for Google. The result can be very interesting

Why? Because if someday Google launched a smartphone Android from the hand of Tony Fadell and his own would imply a competition that would force Apple to step up their efforts. Both companies going strong for that We, the consumers, will get the benefit of all that effort. Then to that put the “dangerous” owner quotes.

According to what has been said, Google will not hesitate to provide Fadell of all the resources that he and his team need in their projects. Another sign that there are lot of meat put on the grill. The error was committed, its consequences are already known. The battle is served, and I believe that in the medium term we will see a fierce battle. With both Apple and Google provided wonders.