The Curious Case of The IPhone 5 C Which Burned in The Pocket of a Student

Although I try to be a bit ironic, really does not have any kind of grace this situation, although knowing that the student nothing happened serious beyond the shock and a few priests “in situ” that led just 45 minutes, we can afford a bit of humor in this whole affair. It is not the first time that an Apple Phone catches fire, and although it is an isolated fact and has justified, we will take a look to see that it has taken place.

Like many such controversies, but in my opinion, It has a very simple explanation, and no, the iPhone 5 c will not begin to burn “alone” by system. It has happened to Apple, it has happened to Samsung, it has happened to many manufacturers and not just mobile phones. The reason why it suddenly caught fire, is due to a number of factors, which are very strange and unfortunately it is normal to happen this result to the conditions for this.

As they are in the news, the student noticed is a smoke around you, who it was that made you take account that came from her own. This was just after sitting on the phone (had it in the back pocket of your pants) and hear a click followed by a “sizzle”. The next thing you remember is noticed the fire and throw to the ground to start rolling over itself trying to put out the fire.

And here is where I wanted to get, the fact that the phone has caught fire, the most plausible explanation is that the battery has left, its chemical components have provoked reaction and this has made the fire from occurring. Both previous cases as the iPhone 4, the 3GS or some models of Samsung has shown under similar circumstances. Phone has been dropped to the user from a considerable height, or has left it in the Sun inside a car. Regrettable? Yes, but it’s an isolated fact.