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Coro (Venezuela)

The city of Coro is located in the western part of the Caribbean coast of Venezuela in the north of the Falcon state. It is located on a sandy plain at the base of the narrow isthmus of Medanos, which passes into the Paraguana Peninsula. In the Arawak language, “koro” means wind, and in fact,… Read More »

About Venezuela

According to calculatorinc, Venezuela is an attractive country with picturesque nature. It consists of about 40 beautiful islands washed by the Caribbean Sea. The most popular among tourists and at the same time the largest island is Margarita. On the territory of Venezuela there is also the highest waterfall in the world – Angel, and… Read More »

Venezuela History

Venezuela is a South American nation located on the northern coast of the continent, bordered by Colombia, Brazil and Guyana. According to homosociety, it has an area of 912,050 square kilometers and a population of approximately 28 million people. The capital city is Caracas and the official language is Spanish though there are dozens of… Read More »