Shareholders Meeting: Tim Cook Announces Billion Dollar Admitted Thanks to The AppleTV

Consumers have not noticed you, but today was an important day for Apple. The company has entered into a meeting of shareholders, where had the opportunity to evaluate the proposals that Cupertino has raised for his future. And Tim Cook may be happy, because shareholders have voted according to the recommendations that have been made since the Board of Directors.

Of the meeting have been interesting, for example data the $ 1 billion that Apple has entered thanks to the AppleTV in 2013 (more than 10 million units sold). They are very good data for this accessory, that today still giving us tracks for its next renewal and grows at a very good pace if we look at the 5 million appliances sold in 2012.

There are more digits on the AppleTV: 5% of those who bought an iPhone or an iPad bought it, which according to Horace Dediu (best known for its web of Asymco) assumes a 80% of growth than in previous years. The total of AppleTV sold since the birth of this product is $ 28 million with more than 3,500 million dollars entered. Tim Cook insists that this is not no hobby… even if you don’t have more repeat it seeing gains. Here is a graph of the same Horace that reflects how will the business of the AppleTV:


— Horace Dediu (@asymco) February 28, 2014

Other details that have appeared with the meeting are that users generate more than 40,000 millions of notifications using iOS daily, and they occur between 15 and 20 million by FaceTime videoconferencing also daily. Good feelings, although the competition tightens also strong in the field of mobile communications and instant messaging.

Cook has release as always to provide the climax to the meeting: Apple “it has not lost its DNA”, remain focused on making the best products in the world and are prepared to stay alive in the long term. The story some people who have spoken have staged it at the gates of the offices of Apple where the meeting has been held with posters denouncing the inequality in the distribution of wealth in Silicon Valley:

If I ask what conclusions out of this meeting, I would say two things clear: insist that Apple should be considered lucky to receive the approval of shareholders with everything he does (especially in days moved where the competition has brought their weapons at the Mobile World Congress) and say that the AppleTV should hydrate soon to take advantage of these sales and move even more rivals.