Samsung’s Next Gear VR Headset Works With Older Phones

The upcoming Samsung Gear VR headset will not only work with Galaxy Note 7 with USB Type C connector, but also with former Samsung-top models with microUSB.

When Samsung tomorrow launches the long-awaited Listing 7, you can also look forward to a new version of Gear VR headset to experience virtual reality from your phone.

The new headset is necessary because Samsung as one of the last major manufacturers at last takes switched to the reversible USB Type-C connector rather than the older microUSB. A new headset with USB Type-C connectors will, however, cause problems, since it no longer works with all Samsung’s former top models, inter alia. Galaxy S6 and S7.

It has the manufacturer however, according to Twitter-OnLeaks found a solution on tipsteren. On tipsterens official website, nowhereelse, for more details and a picture of the next Gear VR headset appeared.

Samsung’s upcoming Gear VR will be not only compatible with Note 7, but also top models from this year and last year-more accurately Galaxy S6, S6, S6 edge + edge, S7 and S7 edge. How exactly it has been possible, not yet known. Support for all these phones can be achieved either by attached to an adaptor or in Gear VR headset has been space to a connector with both microUSB and USB Type-C.

So quiet you can keep your existing Samsung-top model and still take advantage of the latest features in the next Gear VR headset. It will also offer small design changes. The headset is now completely black, and the dimensions of it are reduced by 9 mm in width, 6 mm in height and 8.5 mm in depth, like the wick is called 300 grams instead of 318 grams.

Very VR experience is also improved. The field of vision at 96 degrees in the current Gear VR headset screwed up to 110 degrees, so you get an even greater empathy in virtual reality contents from your Samsung mobile. The price of the headset is yet unknown, but it seems that Samsung is repeating the successful campaign where you on purchases a Note 7 gets a free Gear VR with.