Samsung Would Rescue The Iris Scanner of The Note 7 at Galaxy S8

While they continue to be leaders, there’s no denying that Samsung is not experiencing its best moment and the culprit is none other than the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failed. The causes of some terminal leave burning remain clear 100%, but what we do have clear is that whole thing of Note 7 has harmed the company and the damage will be difficult to repair.

Constitute her best chance now is to launch a new ship logo with which to make us forget all the problem of Note 7 defective and remind us that Samsung also can get it right as they had been doing so far. Obviously, the S8 Galaxy will be the candidate to repair the damage caused, But despite everything could implement a feature that we met the last Note: the iris scanner.

Note 7 is dead, but the iris scanner not

Security was one of the salient features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, that the usual fingerprint reader combined with a rainbow on the screen scanner, safer even than the footprint and that it would be both to unlock how to protect content on the device. In addition, Samsung was working to offer more applications for this element, but now that the Galaxy Note 7 has been withdrawn from the market definitely everything is to stopped.

Rumors that Samsung will rescue this item to its next top not caught us by surprise, and now the company supply chain would have confirmed this theory. If everything follows its course, We will see the sensor Note 7 in the Samsung Galaxy S8-iris and probably, comes with new features and support for applications.

But iris scanner would not be the only change from the Galaxy S8, rumors also suggest a double camera that It could become exclusively only model with display 5.5 inch in a move similar to that has made Apple with the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera.

Currently S7 duo has one of the most creditworthy of the mobile landscape, but as we know, the camera is a piece that Samsung usually changed every year, so we can expect changes in the future generation.

This change will be an advantage for the providers as duplicate components such as sensors and lenses, for what will result in more benefits. If there are no changes in the schedule of presentations, We will know more details next month of February.