Samsung Would Follow in The Footsteps of Apple and Would Mount Dual Camera Only at Galaxy S8 of 5.5 Inch

There is still much for the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8, a presentation that, if everything continues as planned, we do not wait until the end of February, 2017, but already it is speculating on what will be the new flagship of Samsung, and once the Galaxy Note 7 has left frog.

All hopes are deposited in the Galaxy S8 and rumors outline a device of the most advanced, with details such as the chip made with the process of 10 nm or 4K screen. In addition, recently began to talk about the possibility that Samsung’s join the trend of dual cameras as they have other brands. However, Samsung could ‘mark is an Apple’ and offer us the camera only double the largest S8, It would be the 5.5 inch screen.

Two versions, two different cameras

Possible appearance of dual camera in the S8 Galaxy (originally published in Weibo)

First of all we remember, at the moment, there is nothing confirmed about the Galaxy S8, so you have to understand this information for what it is: a rumor. However, if there is a fact which can give more reliable that is that, as in the S7, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in two versions in different sizes.

Rumors say that Samsung will repeat the formula offer a model with panel 5.1 inch super AMOLED and the other with a broader panel of 5.5 inch. However, in this case it would result in two curved screens (dual edge) and not a one flat and a curve as we have used.

In addition, 5.1-inch screen model would keep 2K or QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), while the 4K resolution (3.840 x 2.160 pixels) envisage for the larger version, and it would not be the only exclusive benefit for this model.

Like Apple did with the iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung could book for its most advanced flagship dual camera settings, i.e. that of 5.5 inch screen diagonal. This would further open the gap between the two versions of the Galaxy S8 beyond their screen size, so users who prefer a more compact terminal would have to make more concessions.

We insist that it is a rumour without confirming, but it wouldn’t be the first brand to follow this path. Xiaomi already done so with the Xiaomi my 5s and my 5s Plus, so it doesn’t sound entirely unreasonable, but we should expect to be able to confirm it.

In another order of things, the S8 Galaxy could also release a new virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence of Viv, a start-up that acquired recently and that, coincidences of life, is run by former employees of Siri, the wizard of Apple. We will leave doubts in February (if this is the date of filing of the S8).