Samsung Would Bet Everything on a Single High End in 2017

Note 7-Galaxy, closer to that never from disappearing forever on the map of smartphones, may also have been responsible for that Samsung is beginning to rethink its strategy. Specifically we are talking about that, according to Korean media, they could focus on their Galaxy S family and kill the family Note completely.

So far, Samsung had chosen the Galaxy S family to occupy the first part of the year, while the Note would be presented last half to deal with this and the months prior to the submission of the next Galaxy S. This, according to The Korean Herald, could change the year comes, leaving the Galaxy S family as a unique family of flagships.

For now, further than the withdrawal of the Note 7, Nothing indicates that the Note will disappear forever, even their ‘partners’ have any notice from Samsung that will eliminate the family of phablets. Just in case, it should be prevented when this decision to become a reality.

For the fans of the Note, its disappearance would be a very bad idea taking into account that there alternative with a stylus and high performance of these phablets, though maybe Samsung could put “fix” this by adding an S-Pen to the largest Galaxy S family.

However, the reason for focusing on a line of high-end smartphones would allow Samsung monitor and tune much more quality processes so that never again happen no problem as the batteries of Note 7.

Apple and Huawei, benefited from the disappearance of the 7 Note major

While it confirms or denies the death of the range Note, focusing on the present, those who benefit most would be Apple and Huawei, whose phablets were to become the best alternative to the present of a Note 7 and do not want another Samsung device.

Apple, on the other hand, would be rubbing their hands after the disaster of the Note 7. In fact, according to an analyst at Korean, of the 12 millions of returned devices market, between 5 and 7 million of them they will choose a terminal of Apple as a replacement. This would undoubtedly be a bump to Samsung, which seeks to maintain above Apple at all times.

The other great benefit will be Huawei, whose wide range of phablets (including honour) with very good specifications and a very competitive price could be the main weapon to win even more public. This is accentuated even more if we take into account that one of the natural alternatives, the V20 LG, still has little presence in their markets.

We shall wait for the figures of the following quarters to know the impact that it has had both Samsung and other manufacturers that have, at least, a phablet in his catalogue, until then any number that is given is pure speculation.