Rumor: iPhone Can Be Pre-Booked 7 9.September

The launch of the iPhone 7 approaching fast approaching and now is a date for when it can be pre-ordered, arrived: 9. september.

In recent months there’s been leaked a whole huge number of pictures of and information about the upcoming iPhone 7, but even it has been sparsely with specific dates for when it will be launched, can be pre-ordered and purchased in stores.

The information, however, slowly begins to emerge. As recently as last week it could always well-informed Evan Blass-also known as evleaks on Twitter – reveal that iPhone 7 will land in stores in week 37.

In other words, somewhere between the 12. and 18.September-in all likelihood Friday the 16. September, when Apple has a habit of select Fridays.

Now the very same Twitter tipster on the pitch again with yet another detection-namely the date when iPhone 7 are possible to pre-book. In a new tweet he writes that the iPhone 7 can be pre-ordered as of Friday the 9. September.

Confirmed: pre-orders start on the 9th. You can extrapolate the launch event date from there.
Apple has a tradition to open up for pre-orders are quite a few days after the launch, and thus is the last questions now, when the event accurately takes place. Both iPhone and iPhone Plus 6s 6/6/6s Plus was launched on 9 May. September, but this year it will be, as we know the date when you can pre-order a copy.

Apple’s event must therefore be presumed to take place earlier this week. The two previous iPhones was launched respectively on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it is probably also one of the two days, which makes itself felt in years-so in other words 6. or 7. September. Thus there will be a few days between the event and the starting shot for presale.

There may be speculation for a long time about the specific dates. There is therefore nothing more than waiting for an official invitation from Apple, which can make us wiser on when Apple’s Director, Tim Cook, goes on stage in San Francisco.