Rumor: iPhone 7 Gets New Homeknap and in Comes Space Black

According to a report from the Japanese Macotakara gets the upcoming iPhone an updated homeknap, as well as a brand new colour variant.

With less than two months for the official launch of the new iPhones, we have already formed an overall picture of what we expect of the new phones, which, among other things. includes a larger camera-bump,abolition of the mini-jack connector and arearrangement of the antenna bands.

But there are indications that it is not the only novelty of the next models, and according to a report from the Japanese media Macotakara who have quoted sources in Apple’s supply chain, the new iPhones will get a few extra modifications. It writes PLAYfuldroid.

According to the report, will the iPhone 7 get a new type of homeknap that will operate via 3D Touch, and thereby do away with an actual physical moving button. You will still feel that you press a button, the Apple call the haptic feedback, in the same way as Force Touch works on the new MacBooks.
In addition, it is the rumor that the button will be an integral part of the screen, and it will, together with the abolition of the headphones Jack, only make it easier for Apple to make the new iPhones waterproof. An option which we have long heard about, and that got a little more air with the latest iOS Beta version.

In addition to this, so will the abolition of a physical homeknap also help many consumers, as it often is one of the things that goes first in pieces on the phones. Thus, many could get to visit a mobile workshop or use the built-in AssistiveTouch that gives you a touch-friendly homeknap on the screen.

But homeknappen is not the only new, as Macotakara can bring. We’ve long heard about a possible new color for iPhone 7, a Space Black, and according to the Japanese report, so it is not completely out of hemp.

Media believe, in fact, based on sources from Apple’s suppliers, that the chance of a black iPhone is “most likely”, and it could very well come to resemble the one we recently showed pictures of.

The addition of a new and improved homeknap, as well as the Color Space Black, sounds really promising, and all things being equal, it will be exciting to see what rumors that holds water, and which ones fall right through.