Rumor: HTC One X 5 Was Supposed to Be on the Way

HTC One X 5 is, according to several Web sites on the way. It will supposedly with a 5 inch big screen.

HTC has recently introduced two new phones: Windows Phone 8 x and 8S.

Many had also expected that HTC would also present a new Android phone: HTC One X 5, which has been on the rumor based for a while.

It did not happen, but several websites now informs that the phone was supposed to be a reality, even if it cannot be verified.

An image posted on Flickr was initially seen as a concept-image, but now think our site, knowing that the image is of the real thing and that HTC One X 5 is a reality.

We do not know much on the phone, but from several sides suggests that the X 5 in model designation refers to the size of the screen. Thus there will be therefore a clone between a smartphone and a mini tablet, like our site. Samsung’s Galaxy Note.