Root Explorer Is Puts Handsome with Material Design

Root Explorer is one of the most popular applications for view and manage files in Android. In addition to handling local files, you can also access Google Drive, Dropbox, local network file, extract ZIP, edit text files…

Loaded with features, the appearance the application was however something anchored in the past, most specifically in philosophy Holo. It is not that too many people has been the hands to the head, because its users are probably more interested in functionality as graphic-bonito, but now one thing does not remove the other.

The list of changes for the latest update of Root Explorer goes to grain, limited to say “Design Material”. And the truth is that the new interface based on the philosophy Material Design looks very good to Root Explorer.

Also with topics

Previous interface (above) and new (bottom)

The interface changes extend far and wide, from the floating button to create folders, files and tabs to the top bar or the drop-down menu and more modern icons. Now, this new interface may not taste, but don’t worry because from the options you can choose between six themes, including a dark theme.

Root Explorer is offered in two variants, one payment features root (called Root Explorer) and other free, without access root and call just Explorer. Both applications have been updated at the same time with Material Design.


  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Speed Software
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity