RAF Simons for Fred Perry Spring-Summer 2013: New Details Within Days of Launch

I had already announced that RAF Simons, After a hiatus in 2012, came back this season to collaborate in a collection Fred Perry. You teach today, a few days after that the collection finally goes on sale, on February 22, more details of this collaboration.

The basic line of the proposal is one constant juxtaposition of colors, patterns and materials as it is the style of both parts, care and sensitive RAF Simons and the sports of the Fred Perry brand. Could not leave nothing too bad this… would like to know more details?

If you want colors, they bring us colors. White, green or blue are very much of the garments. But if on the other hand are more fans of prints, quiet because we will not get bored. From those more retro and setenteros to the more daring as it is the case of the Leopard (not suitable for everyone, let’s be honest).

A problem I see is that the tissue is too light, I mean, when we talk about Polo all think in a texture that is rigid and comfortable, although in middle of August this is too much. Here we find the opposite direction, very light clothing, that they resemble the satin and that I do not like anything because they look like blouses for girls.

The truth is that it is quite wearable, especially when he reinterprets classic as the polo brand, everyone should have a white polo Fred Perry. In addition, lately not leaving aside the sport point to different times and different times of day to day, not only for sports.

RAF Simons is trendy, not only because of this collaboration, but because in front of Dior for the second season in row, with all the controversy that is involved due to the Galliano case and has garnered critical acclaim in his haute couture collection.


And to celebrate this proposal, they throw us a short, within the aesthetic of “are modern”, We offer models doing weird things and share it. I obviously don’t know what can claim something as well. A plus is that we see the clothes in movement, but the result does not feel identified with clothes or that we have the urge to buy it after seeing the video.

It is the typical video-lookbook so not to sell it us as a short or something like that because there is no plot or story to tell. But well, do you think you? You’ve signed seducer to your wardrobe this spring-summer 2013 clothing in the video? We have to wait to know how in figures.