Orange Says That in Some Years We Will Have Affordable Unlimited Flat Rate

Patrick Farges, director general of companies of Orange, It was yesterday at a roundtable in which, among other things, he talked about the benefits, expectations and the future of the mobile internet services. Some interesting statements after which several questions arise me.

“ mobile internet tariffs are still high and should be lowered more & #8221;

Farges said that “ three or four years will soon have affordable unlimited flat rate“ while referred to modalities of 100MB for 20 or 25 euros (actually these rates for now while improved enough) and pointed out a future with offers of between 10 and 20 euros to navigate from the mobile, (curiously rates that already offer today).

What did you mean then? Taking into account that it did not seem to be very abreast of current rates, but assuming he knows of what he speaks and in spite of what is supposedly coming would be it would be referring to that that should lower rates which can be considered almost unlimited (or with much more generous than the current limitations)?

Of course in relation to the roaming does not seem to be very interested at the moment if we bear in mind that speaking about the issue, he stressed that smartphone users have the option to use free wifi networks that exist in other countries. Claim that is important for a few days in which there is talk about the possibility of elimination of roaming in the EU.

“ Operators are not an NGO, we must earn money & #8221;

Claim that nobody can doubt but will be focusing well?

The general director of Orange companies wanted to encourage the industry to develop more useful applications for customers that also it will generate value the operator since explained that large investments that make networks, prove to be uneconomic now.

Is clear that demand higher quality applications instead of just having a greater number of them is a good strategy that will create new needs users so they spend more but would be will be mistaken with regard to investments?

Farges highlights the price of smartphones in Spain has dropped more than in other countries and may be that the error of all operators in trying to attract and retain customers. Do you think that if they stopped investing so much in terminals for improve the quality of their networks and keep rates that names of between 10 and 20 euros, customers would be more satisfied and would be most faithful?